Financial Sense Newshour on Energy

  • Jim Bianco on Global Market Rally, Oil, Rates, and More Apr 26

    Apr 26 – Jim Bianco of Bianco Research joins FS Insider today to discuss the recent market action, why global and US stock markets are in a strong rally mode, his outlook on bond yields, oil, and much, much more. Jim specializes in...

  • Technician Jonathan Krinsky on US Stock Market; Robert Rapier on Oil Prices Apr 15

    Apr 15 – Jonathan Krinsky, Chief Market Technician for MKM Partners, believes technology still maintains market leadership and that we are nowhere near a market top. He sees a short-term consolidation in stocks. The US dollar is in a primary

  • John Murphy on Intermarket Analysis; Don Coxe on Bonds, US Pension Crisis Mar 18

    Mar 18 – Ryan Puplava covers this week’s events; John Murphy—technician, author, and pioneer of intermarket analysis—discusses the outlook on bonds, stocks, and commodities; and Don Coxe at Coxe Advisors warns of anomalies in the bond market and a building...

  • Craig Johnson on Stocks, Bonds; Frank Holmes on Gold, Oil Mar 11

    Mar 11 – Ryan Puplava covers this week’s events, Piper Jaffray’s Craig Johnson discusses his outlook on the stock market and bond market in relationship to the three R’s—rates, rotations, and reflation—and Frank Holmes of US Global Investors provides his thoughts...

  • The Next Big Thing – Infrastructure Mar 11

    Mar 11 – In 2002, Jim Puplava wrote “The Next Big Thing,” explaining how natural resources, commodities, and precious metals were the next long-term investments. Today, he outlines why “The Next Big Thing” is infrastructure with governments expected to spend...

  • Ralph Acampora: Trump Honeymoon Close to Ending Mar 04

    Mar 4 – Ryan Puplava covers this week’s events; Ralph Acampora discusses the technical outlook for stocks, bonds, and commodities; and Kurt Wulff at discusses the latest opportunities and events in the energy space.

  • Market Outlook With Robin Griffiths and Marc Chandler Jan 28

    Jan 28 – After this week’s Market Wrap-Up, Robin Griffiths, Chief Technical Strategist at the ECU Group in London, joins us on today’s podcast to give his outlook on the global financial markets, particularly the US in the wake of Trump’s win and the strong stock market rally...

  • Tom McClellan: Positive Market Outlook Long-Term Jan 21

    Jan 21 – Jim welcomes back Tom McClellan, Editor of McClellan Financial Publications. Tom comments on his positive market outlook for long-term stocks. However, he cautions investors to be ready to adjust for the short-term.

  • Forecast 2017: Expect the Unexpected Jan 21

    Jan 21 – In today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava continues to look at the consensus forecasts for 2017 with a closer look at the energy and financial sector. Jim and John Loeffler also discuss potential outliers and industries that may bounce back this year.

  • Gary Dorsch on Stocks, Bonds; Frank Holmes on Gold, Oil Jan 14

    Jan 14 – After this week’s Market Wrap-Up with Ryan Puplava, we are joined by Gary Dorsch of Global Money Trends to discuss his thoughts on stocks vs. bonds and the likely causes of market volatility this year.

  • Dave Nicoski: Bull Market Remains Intact; Expect Consolidation of Trump Rally Dec 03

    Dec 3 – Dave Nicoski of Vermilion Technical Research provides his outlook on the stock market in addition to bonds, the US dollar, and energy. Also, later in the podcast, Robert Rapier offers his thoughts on the major spike in oil...

  • Craig Johnson: Major Rotations into Positive Year-End Nov 19

    Nov 19 – After Ryan Puplava’s weekly market wrap-up, Jim interviews Craig Johnson, Senior Technical Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray, who gives an update on his technical outlook for the US stock market and explains why a sustained move in bond yields could derail...

  • Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Trump and the Great Reflation Nov 19

    Nov 19 – Donald Trump has won the election and now plans to provide a major boost to the economy. Will it succeed and delay the onset of a recession or will the “great reflation” get stopped dead in its tracks as interest rates climb steadily higher? Jim discusses...

  • Jeffrey Saut on Trump Win – Implications for Stocks, Bonds, and the Economy Nov 10

    Nov 10 – Raymond James’ Chief Investment Strategist, Jeffrey Saut, joins us today to provide his thoughts on the Trump win, Republican takeover of Congress and what this means for the US stock market, specific sectors, asset classes...

  • Kurt Kallaus on What Commodities Are Saying About the US, Global Economy Nov 09

    Nov 9 – The day after US elections, Kurt Kallaus of ExecSpec joins FS Insider to discuss his latest research piece, Commodity Index As a Leading Economic Indicator, and why his outlook for a cyclical economic upturn given earlier this year is...

  • John Kosar: Political Uncertainty Driving Market Angst Nov 05

    Nov 5 – After this week's market wrap-up, John Kosar of Asbury Research discusses investor uncertainty ahead of the elections. Kosar gives his overall technical assessment and outlook when looking at fund flows and market sectors.

  • Why Oil Prices Will Remain Low for Another Decade and OPEC Can’t Do Anything About It Oct 05

    Oct 5 – Roberto Aguilera, co-author of The Price of Oil along with Marian Radetzki, gives an update on many of the themes presented in their book, including their forecast for low oil prices out to 2035 in light of possible production cuts from OPEC.

  • Gary Dorsch: Bullish Until Fed Changes Course Oct 01

    Oct 1 – After this week’s market wrap-up, we speak with Global Money Trends’ Gary Dorsch on why he thinks the bullish trend for stocks will continue until we see a meaningful change in monetary policy. Dorsch also offers his outlook...

  • Erin Heim’s Technical Outlook on Stocks, Gold, Oil, and More Sep 01

    Sep 1 – Erin Heim of goes in-depth with FS Insider discussing Decision Point’s technical outlook on the US stock market, gold, oil, and more. Erin also explains the use of technical buy and sell signals, how technicians...

  • Technician John Kosar: Market Way Too Complacent – Don’t Chase New Highs Aug 20

    Aug 20 – Jim welcomes back John Kosar CMT, Director of Research at Asbury Research. John is currently looking for a market pull-back in the 4-7% range. He sees a fat and happy market, with the VIX stuck around 12 for many weeks.