Market Observations on the Markets

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Matthew Kerkhoff
06/29/2016 - 09:27
We’re going to talk about bonds today but before we get to that, I want to briefly point out why the Brexit event is impacting US markets so heavily. As we’ve discussed many times here at DTL, the strength of the US dollar dictates...
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Clif Droke
06/28/2016 - 10:49
Everywhere one turns there is evidence of widespread rage and frustration. The peoples of Europe and the Americas in particular are aggrieved at their political lot and are becoming increasingly angry. What was once a simmering...
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06/27/2016 - 08:54
Over the coming weeks, the frenzy of the financial markets will dominate the world's attention. But what lies beyond the horizon in a post-Brexit world? Stratfor highlights the areas of the world that will be most affected by the latest phase of the...
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FS Staff
06/24/2016 - 17:08
Gary Shilling, author of The Age of Deleveraging and editor of the investment newsletter Insight, thinks the world is facing another 6 to 8 years of deleveraging with a "high probability of panic deflation" that will push 10-year Treasuries to 1%...
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Global Risk Insights
06/24/2016 - 07:46
World financial markets are reeling from a surprise upheaval to the established order. “Dare to dream that the dawn is breaking on the independent United Kingdom!” said UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage upon the momentous...
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FS Staff
06/23/2016 - 14:09
Rawlson King, lead researcher for Biometrics Research Group, says the biometric industry is experiencing exponential growth, expected to go from $15 billion in 2015 to $35.5 billion in 2020, as the global banking and financial services industry...
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Andrew Zatlin
06/23/2016 - 08:03
Mr. Market (S&P 500) keeps hitting 2,100, only to pull back. That level is a psychological magnet, drawing investors closer. Failure to hold and advance above it means a top. You need to be concerned that the market hasn’t moved up...
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FS Staff
06/22/2016 - 09:46
Each month the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia produces a monthly coincident index for each of the 50 states in an effort to "summarize current economic conditions in a single statistic." With its current reading of 60, it is now back to late...
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FS Staff
06/21/2016 - 10:59
When looking at the performance of all major stock market indices around the globe, “we are in a bear market now,” Robin Griffiths told listeners Saturday. “The only two equity indices in the world capable of making a new high this year or next are...
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Cris Sheridan
06/20/2016 - 11:04
Fears over a possible Brexit this Thursday have pushed speculative gold bets by non-commercial traders (“dumb money”) to the highest level in twenty years. Commercial traders (“smart money”), on the other hand, are the most net short since gold...