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Tech Sector Forming Bearish Flag, Says Dave Nicoski

Sep 11 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Dave Nicoski at Vermilion to discuss the technical outlook on the market. Dave goes through a number of troubling technical patterns forming in various sectors like technology and biotech. Next Greg Orrell...

Charles Gave on Three Major Trends that Will Affect the Investment Landscape for Years to Come

Sep 10 – FS Insider speaks with Charles Gave of Gavekal Research about the long-term picture for stocks, bonds, and other asset classes based on three major trends that will unfold over the years to come: 1) negative productivity, 2) the de-dollarization of Asia...

Tesla's Success Now Its Greatest Threat as Competition Heats Up, Says David Trainer

Sep 9 – FS Insider speaks with David Trainer of New Constructs on their recent report placing Tesla at the top of most dangerous stocks to own based on earnings, valuations, and profitability measures. David discusses growing competition...

Monetary Madness and the Next Bull Market in Commodities

Sep 8 – FS Insider speaks with Adam Rozencwajg at Goehring & Rozencwajg about the growing catalysts for a number of commodities and commodity-producing sectors in light of central bank post-Covid monetary madness. Adam discusses gold...

Home Prices Seeing a Perfect Storm of Low Rates, Low Inventory and Demographics

Sep 7 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with JP Piccinini, owner of one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage firms in the US. JP discusses migration patterns between various states and from cities to rural, suburban areas...

Is this the End of the Bull Market or Just Another Correction?

Sep 4 – After today's weekly market wrap-up, Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Ari Wald and Dave Morgan to the show to discuss this week's market correction and to get an update on the metals market, particulary silver and copper...

How China Could Push the Dollar Out of Global Trade

Sep 3 – Phil Middleton, Deputy Chairman of the Digital Monetary Institute at the OMFIF, discusses accelerating efforts by central banks, particularly the People's Bank of China, to develop their own digital currencies to replace cash...

America Is Gambling With Its Critical Drug Supply, Says Rosemary Gibson

Sep 2 – FS Insider speaks with Rosemary Gibson about the recently signed executive order to secure America's essential medicines and why this is a necessary and long overdue step. Rosemary discusses how many critical drugs...

Gold Bubble Ahead, Says Alpine Macro's David Abramson

Sep 1 –FS Insider speaks with Alpine Macro's David Abramson about four major trend shifts that they see coming as early as next year that investors should be preparing for right now to invest around. David discusses inflation, a rotation to...

Tax Planning Under a Possible Biden Win

Aug 31 – In today's Lifetime Planning edition of Financial Sense Newshour, Putnam Business Advisory's Chris Hennessey discusses Joe Biden's tax plan and how it will affect individual and corporate tax rates, state and local tax deductions...

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Market Quotes by TradingView