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Investors Rotating Out of Tech and Into Cyclical Stocks, Says Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams

Sep 18 – In today's Financial Sense Newshour podcast, Bloomberg's Gina Martin Adams discusses the market and economic outlook, Marc Chandler gives an update on the dollar and, lastly, Chris Puplava...

Investment Banks Are Very Bullish; Copper Purchases Surge to Record High

Sep 18 – In this week's investment meeting minutes, we cover the bullishness of leading investment banks, the latest economic data, record copper purchases out of China, and the correction in technology...

Steve Keen on Minsky, MMT, and Climate Change

Sep 17 – The Australian economist Steve Keen is widely known for predicting the 2008 financial crisis. Today, he speaks with FS Insider about the importance of Hyman Minsky, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), and his...

Historical Data Points to Democratic Takeover This November, Says Ed Clissold

Sep 16 – FS Insider speaks with Ed Clissold at Ned Davis Research about their recently-released historical analysis of market and economic factors that predict whether the incumbent—in this case, Trump—or the opposing party candidate...

Lyn Alden on How to Invest in Today's Markets

Sep 15 – FS Insider speaks with Lyn Alden at to discuss her current outlook and how she's investing in today's markets. Lyn says what she is doing when it comes to tech stocks, commodities, energy, emerging markets, and elsewhere...

How Roth IRAs Can Help You Save on Taxes for the Long-term

Sep 14 – Today's podcast is all about Roth IRAs and how they can help individuals potentially save on taxes, especially in those crucial retirement years. Topics discussed: when to get a Roth conversion, contribution limits, pros and cons...

Tech Sector Forming Bearish Flag, Says Dave Nicoski

Sep 11 – Financial Sense Newshour speaks with Dave Nicoski at Vermilion to discuss the technical outlook on the market. Dave goes through a number of troubling technical patterns forming in various sectors like technology and biotech. Next Greg Orrell...

Charles Gave on Three Major Trends that Will Affect the Investment Landscape for Years to Come

Sep 10 – FS Insider speaks with Charles Gave of Gavekal Research about the long-term picture for stocks, bonds, and other asset classes based on three major trends that will unfold over the years to come: 1) negative productivity, 2) the de-dollarization of Asia...

Tesla's Success Now Its Greatest Threat as Competition Heats Up, Says David Trainer

Sep 9 – FS Insider speaks with David Trainer of New Constructs on their recent report placing Tesla at the top of most dangerous stocks to own based on earnings, valuations, and profitability measures. David discusses growing competition...

Monetary Madness and the Next Bull Market in Commodities

Sep 8 – FS Insider speaks with Adam Rozencwajg at Goehring & Rozencwajg about the growing catalysts for a number of commodities and commodity-producing sectors in light of central bank post-Covid monetary madness. Adam discusses gold...

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Market Quotes by TradingView