Financial Sense

Global Growth Cues Abound
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By Matthew Kerkhoff – Sometimes stock market rallies can be so powerful that you just have to grab ahold of something sturdy and hang on. Every once in a while, the upward surge can be so strong that it feels as though...

Gary Cohn Is Concerned About Wall Street Clearinghouses – Blockchain Is Already Fixing It
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By Mises Institute – Gary Cohn, chief economic adviser to the President, voiced concern over the weekend about risk posed by Wall Street clearinghouses that became systemically important following the 2008 financial crisis.

Predicting Dow One Million – Was Warren Buffett Being Bold or Overly Cautious?
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By Daniel Amerman – In a recent speech, Warren Buffett came down boldly on the side of optimism when it comes to both the economy and financial markets. What he said was "being short America has been a loser's game...

Microsoft Builds Tree Houses for Employees to Reduce Stress, Improve Creativity
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By ValueWalk – Microsoft is a regular in the best companies to work for list, for the perks and benefits it offers its employees. Now, in a rather unconventional move, the company has built tree houses to cut the monotony that the employees feel in the office...

Is the Fed Setting Itself up to Fail in the Next Recession?
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By Tim Duy PhD – The Federal Reserve remains committed to a December rate hike, persistently low inflation notwithstanding. With unemployment below Fed estimates of its longer-run natural rate, most FOMC participants do...

How Debt Is Keeping the Lights Off in Puerto Rico
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By Independent Institute – In Puerto Rico, electrical power is solely provided to some 1.5 million households and businesses by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), which is a monopoly owned by the territory’s government. That matters because...

California Allows Fully Autonomous (No Driver Present) Vehicle Tests
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By Mish Shedlock – The California Department of Motor Vehicles is changing its rules to allow companies to test autonomous vehicles without a driver behind the wheel — and to let the public use autonomous vehicles. The DMV released a revised version...

Consumer Sentiment Surges to Highest Level in 13 Years
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By Jill Mislinkski – Consumer sentiment surged in early October, reaching its highest level since the start of 2004. The October gain was broadly shared, occurring among all age and income subgroups and across all partisan viewpoints. The data indicate a robust...

Navigating Aberrant Data
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By Matthew Kerkhoff – What is the true state of the US economy? Let's look at the data, both positive and negative, to find out. Last month, according to preliminary estimates, the economy lost 33,000 more jobs than it created. This is rather remarkable, considering...

These Feminist Economists Are Right about GDP
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By Mises Institute – Gross Domestic Product has numerous issues, especially as a measure of national-level standard of living. It is supposed to be a measure of total production and therefore the general health of an economy, but it falls short of this in many ways...