Amy Castoro on Bridging Generations: Transitioning Family Wealth and Values for a Sustainable Legacy

Most families fail to transfer their wealth onto their kids and heirs, Amy Castoro of The Williams Group explains. In today's Lifetime Income podcast, we interview Amy about her new book, Bridging Generations (buy on Amazon by clicking here), on why so many families have trouble and the steps that can be taken to help make that transition successful.

About the author: Amy counsels and advises individuals, families, and teams on how to build trust very quickly, collaborate more effectively, and manage their mood. She offers more than two decades of experience in developing leadership competence, aligning ambition with purpose, and increasing satisfaction and productivity. Amy has worked with large and small high net worth families to build a stronger foundation of trust and communication for the successful transfer of wealth. Amy's experience with The Walt Disney Company, Adecco Corporation, and Grant Thornton Management Consulting provides her with a strong foundation of leadership in organizations.

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