Supercomputers in the Skies

Drones are everywhere: they’re shooting film for the the movies we watch, delivering packages and medical supplies, even helping to plant seeds in areas devastated by forest fires. Tabb Firchau of Freefly Systems spoke to FS Insider on the explosive growth of the drone industry and how they are continually upgrading to do more.

“If you compare an iPhone to a drone they’re basically the same thing.” In his interview with FS Insider, Firchau noted drone technology benefited immensely from the cell phone industry’s innovation. “They’ve been integrating and packaging this amazing little supercomputer with all kinds of sensors that are perfect for drones.”

Because of this, the range of drone uses has grown significantly over the past few years. Drones can now be purchased at a relatively low cost, allowing just about anyone to give them a try. With drones becoming widely accessible, innovation has grown tremendously.

One such innovation is greater autonomy through the use of sensors and intelligent software, as we see in the car industry. Firchau says this is a huge benefit to consumers because "you won't need a super competent pilot anymore. The drone will be able to auto-correct and make sure that it doesn't crash into things.”

This can also be applied to thousands of drones working together. Earlier this year, Intel broke a new world record by creating an amazing light display with over 2,000 drones. According to Firchau, this is only the beginning of what's possible.

With increasing drone innovation, the possibilities are endless when it comes to retail and commercial applications. An article from CB Insights reported on drone delivery companies that can provide quick access to drugs, blood and medial technology. One such company, Zipline International, launched drones in rural areas throughout Africa and continues to expand its reach.

Beyond that, he sees drones eventually transporting people safely from point A to point B in a perfectly safe manner and “in a way that doesn’t terrify you.”

Firchau added, “With every technology it seems like there's this magical point. Before that people don’t really care too much but when you exceed that point it becomes sufficiently similar to magic and it really blows people away. I think we're just about there with drones.”

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