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Mike 'Mish' Shedlock Mish is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an asset management firm whose goal is strong performance, low volatility, regardless of market direction. He has a global economics blog which has commentary 7-10 times a week, and is a "professor" on Minyanville. Mike does weekly live radio on KFNX, the Charles Goyette show every Wednesday. When not writing about stocks or the economy he spends a great deal of time on photography. He has over 80 magazine and book cover credits. Some of his Wisconsin and gardening images can be seen at Michaelshedlock.com.

Yield Curve Will Invert From the Inside Out

By Michael Shedlock – How does the yield curve invert? Jim Bianco at Bianco Research says "Inside Out". This is a guest post by Jim Bianco. I dispense with block quotes. The end of the article will be clear.

Setser vs Rosenberg: China's "Nuclear" Option of Dumping Treasuries

By Michael Shedlock – Brad Setser and David Rosenberg each discuss the "nuclear" option of China dumping treasuries in a trade war escalation. Since there is no longer any reasonable debate about a trade war has started...

BIS Blasts Cryptos in Special Report: "Beyond the Hype"

By Michael Shedlock – The BIS blasts cryptos over scaling issues, energy, and trust. The BIS is correct. Cryptos are fatally flawed as money. A Bank of International Settlements (BIS) report examines cryptocurrencies in depth.

Mortgage Rates Move Higher on Fed Dot Plot Projections

By Michael Shedlock – How many hikes can the Fed get in this year? The Fed estimate is two more. Mortgage rates rose on the news. Mortgage News Daily reports Mortgage Rates Higher Following Fed Forecasts.

Average New Vehicle Auto Payment Hits Record High $523 Per Month

By Michael Shedlock – The average size of a loan for a new car in the US set a record in the first quarter as did the average payment. Database firm Experian notes US Monthly Auto Payments Reach Record High in First Quarter.

Quantum Computers Will Make Even "Strong" Passwords Worthless

By Michael Shedlock – The race is on to perfect quantum computing. It will make your bank passwords and all existing security methods useless. The Hutch Report has a fascinating 44-page PDF on Quantum Computing.

Productivity Growth Poised to Recover? Will Workers Benefit?

By Michael Shedlock – A McKinsey study addresses the "productivity puzzle". However, there is no puzzle and there never was a puzzle. Inquiring minds are diving into the McKinsey study on Solving the Productivity Puzzle.

How the Fed's Inflation Policies Crucify Workers in Pictures

Every month, pundits comment on average wages. But median wages best explain how the Fed's policies crucify workers. The meme of the day is wage growth is accelerating. I disputed that notion on February 7 in...

Petro-Yuan Futures Launch in March: Ignore the Hype, It's a Good Thing

By Michael Shedlock – After a 25-year wait, China is about to trade Yuan Oil Futures. Expect to see and hear a lot of hype over this event. Don't be silly. For starters, it is meaningless what oil is priced in. It makes no difference...

Replacing Cashiers With Robots "Just Makes Sense" Jack-in-the-Box CEO

By Michael Shedlock – As minimum wages rise, so does the push to get rid of workers. Leonard Comma, CEO of Jack-in-the-Box says the company is considering swapping some cashiers for self-ordering kiosks. "

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