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Ned Schmidt's Blog

Publisher of The Value View Gold & The Agri-Food Value View Reports
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Mr. Schmidt is a financial engineer specializing in global capital flows. He has been an advocate and practitioner of value oriented investing for thirty years. Ned began his investment career as a security analyst following the oil industry in the early 1970s. In the 1980s he was manager of an investment management group with discretionary responsibility for about $3.5 billion. During the past decade he also taught institutional investment management as The Roland George Visiting Professor of Applied Investments at Stetson University.

He currently manages the Argyle Global Equity Appreciation Fund, an offshore mutual fund in the top quartile of global equity funds the past three years by Standard and Poors.

Ned currently publishes THE VALUE VIEW GOLD REPORT, and writes for THE GLOBAL ADVISOR published in Toronto.

Agri-Commodities Winning in 2016

The inevitable just seems to keep coming around. That over time food would become scarcer in our world has been well known for decades. Simply put, global demand for food continues to expand. The inevitable scarcity of food for the world is...

US Inflation: Setup to Upset

Is US inflation setup to upset the markets? Motivation for considering this question begins with graph to right. Plotted in that chart is the year-to-year percentage change for the median US CPI. That measure is calculated monthly...

Peak Food, Part Two

Last we visited on Agri-Foods the concept of Peak Food was introduced. That shift in the fundamentals of global food production was identified as adding support to Agri-Commodity prices. For despite the negative sentiment on...

Peak Food, an Introduction

Your high-tech toy watch won’t buy you an egg. To date, the U.S. is on course to destroy 40,721,073 birds, mainly laying hens. Yes, elves at USDA do like precision in their numbers. Those birds are the casualty...

Gold: Year 2007 Again

Imagine you could go back in time so you could buy some investment at a bargain. Many might also wish to go back in time to sell something. But, let us stick with the idea of returning to an earlier time to buy some asset...

Are Commodities Talking to Us?

Markets often do talk to us, if only we would listen. Our ears serve as only part of listening. An open mind is also required. Regrettably, minds receptive to new thoughts and questions have been somewhat outmoded in the investment world for many years. Why else do so many seem to ignore what commodities are saying?

2014: Agri-Commodities Prices Winning

...how long does it take the Street to identify an elephant in the room? Apparently the answer to that question is a time period longer than should be the case. As portrayed in the chart below, Agri-Food prices have been rising fairly dramatically thus far this year.

Agri-Commodity Prices: A New High!

The Agri-Food Price Index hit an all time record high for the week ended 7 March. This index of Agri-Food prices is rather comprehensive in that it includes sixteen(16) important Agri-Commodities. That index is plotted in the chart below which covers the past almost two years.

Price of Beef Has Reached a Record High

One of our greatest fears is being forced, for economic reasons, to consume dry, boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breasts. Beef is the proper food for people, not the meat of something that when free range raised pecks in the dirt.

2014: Gold Up 70% or U.S. Equities Down 40%?

As we to prepare for the arrival of a new year, 2014 for those not keeping track, we should take time to consider reality. One part of that is to reconsider some well grounded advice: Past performance does not predict future performance.

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