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Stock Market at Make or Break Moment

The global economy is slowing down rapidly and it is conceivable that the developed world may face a recession next year. Already, the Japanese economy is contracting and even Europe is barely growing. Across the pond, the US is still muddling through but the leading economic indicators and...

Calm Before the Storm?

Global business activity is slowing down and the majority of the developing nations are experiencing severe economic problems. Over in the developed world, Japan is contracting again, Euro zone is barely growing and even...

Is the Tide Turning?

According to our methodology, the primary uptrend on Wall Street is still intact; however, we are starting to observe some troubling signs which suggest that we may be in the final innings of this bull market.

Economic Expansion Ahead?

The global economy softened during the first quarter of this year; however, reflationary efforts by the central banks should bring about a pick-up in business activity. At this stage, it is difficult to tell precisely when the economy will...

King Dollar Hurting Earnings!

Let’s face it; the strong U.S. Dollar and weakness in the price of oil are hurting corporate earnings in the U.S. and it is conceivable that both sales and profits for the S&P500 Index may decline during the first half of the year.

The Bull Is Charging Ahead!

After several years, the Federal Reserve has passed the QE baton to the European Central Bank (ECB) and this should extend the ongoing bull-market in common stocks. You will recall that throughout last year, we were expecting...

More of the Same?

During the previous year, the stock markets of the developed world consolidated whereas the majority of the developing nations performed poorly. In 2014, the European stock markets essentially traded sideways, Japan...

U.S. in a Sweet Spot!

The world’s prominent central banks are pursuing an accommodative monetary policy and this bodes well for the stock market. Remember, when it comes to investing, monetary policy trumps everything else and the risk free rate of return determines the value of every asset.

Year-End Rally

The recent turbulence in the stock market is behind us and a rally is now underway. Given the fact that we have recently entered the most favourable 6-month period of the U.S. Presidential Cycle, it is our contention that Wall Street will advance quite sharply until spring.

Better Days Ahead

After bottoming out in 2012, America’s housing market has climbed to a 6-year high and it is probable that the 2006-record will be surpassed within the next 2-3 years.

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