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Erik Townsend is a Private Investor based in Hong Kong. He was a successful American technologist and entrepreneur in the 1990s technology boom, and retired from the software industry in 1998 after selling a company that he founded in 1991. After a short hiatus to pursue personal interests, he re-invented himself as a full-time private investor with a macroeconomic investing strategy. Mr. Townsend relocated to Asia in 2009, and is presently engaged in launching a Peak Oil hedge fund in Hong Kong.

Crude Oil Market Outlook

Have we reached the bottom, and is now the time for new longs in energy? My guess is that we still have a little ways left to go to the downside (in terms of spot price of crude oil), but market timing is never smart business.

So You Think You Own Gold?

Understanding the nuances of paper vs. physical and allocated vs. unallocated metal

The principal contention of this article is that most investors who think they "own" gold or silver bullion really don't! Most precious metals investments - including many touted as "physical" are actually nothing more than paper promises. This article delves into the details of counterparty risk in precious metals investing, and evaluates "paper" vs. "physical" bullion investments, as well as allocated vs. unallocated bullion accounts.

Debunking the Precious Metals Fear-Mongering Campaign

Fighting GATA's lies with hard facts

This article chronicles the fear mongering campaign undertaken by GATA and King World News, and debunks the false information promulgated by GATA about the events at the recent CFTC hearing on precious metals and the functioning of metals markets in general.

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