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Aurania Resources Ltd.
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Dr. Barron is an exploration geologist with over 34 years’ experience in the mining sector. He has consulted on all the continents except for Antarctica, searching for such commodities as gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, copper, platinum, and industrial minerals. He is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Aurania Resources Ltd. (ARU:TSX-V). He holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Western Ontario, a BSc. (Hons) in Geology from the University of Toronto, and is currently Adjunct Professor of Earth Sciences at Western University. In 2001 he privately co-founded Ecuador gold explorer Aurelian Resources Inc., which was listed on the TSX-V in 2003 and made the colossal Fruta del Norte gold discovery in 2006. The company was bought by Kinross Gold in 2008 for $1.2 billion. He is the founder and a Director of Guyana uranium explorer U3O8 Corp. (UWE:TSX). At the PDAC convention in March 2008, he was awarded the Thayer Lindsley International Discovery Award for his role in the discovery of the Fruta del Norte gold deposit and he was also jointly named the Northern Miner’s Mining Man of the Year 2008.

A License to Print Money

Can you believe the fix that the West is in? Interest rates lowered artificially to near-zero or negative to forestall deflation? Clinton lauded as the President under which the economy showed a surplus, though he and Bernanke birthed...

Hyperinflation Yes, But Not Where We Expected

For the many disciples of Austrian Economics who read this Blog, yes I feel as cheated, bamboozled and perplexed about the prices of gold and silver than any of you. Everything is topsy-turvy. On the back of the greatest coordinated money creation that this little blue Planet has yet seen, the price...

Rock Bottom

Denver is the home of the United States Geological Survey and a popular watering hole for geologists for many years has been the Rock Bottom Pub. Maybe it’s the micro-brews many geos I know are partial to; maybe it’s the...

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