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Managing Director of Demography

Neil Howe is a renowned author and speaker on economic, demographic, and social change in America. He is the nation’s leading authority on social generations—who they are, what motivates them, and how they will shape America’s future. Howe is the originator of the term “Millennial Generation” and has written over a dozen books on generations and generational research, a field of research he single-handedly invented.

Howe is also a recognized authority on global aging, long-term fiscal policy, and migration. He served as Senior Policy Advisor to Blackstone Group and has testified on entitlement reform many times before Congress. He is currently the Managing Director of Demography at Hedgeye Risk Management.

Howe received his B.A. at U.C. Berkeley and later earned graduate degrees in economics and history from Yale University.

How Millennials Are Reshaping the Survivalism Industry

With Donald Trump’s stunning victory, a sense of change is sweeping across nations and financial markets worldwide—change that has citizens feeling more unsettled than ever about the future. This is likely to further boost an industry...

The Urban Bubble in Commercial Real Estate

According to national headlines, commercial real estate (CRE) is thriving—with observers pointing to high prices and increased foreign investment as signs of recovery. A closer look at the industry, however, reveals a more complicated...

The Age of the Intelligent Machine

A recent article in The Economist examined automation’s ca­pac­ity to displace workers. If techno-optimists are to be believed, automation is a net win: They say more jobs will actually be cre­ated by robots than destroyed by them.

US Banks Face an Uncertain Future

In July, the Federal Reserve introduced new standards that raise the amount of capital the nation’s largest banks must hold to safeguard against failure—the latest in a series of post-crisis reforms that the Fed has made to...

The Gig Economy Is Alive and Growing

The growth of gig work promises to have a profound impact on the economy at large. On the one hand, employers have less reason than ever to invest in their talent, and workers are no longer certain where their next paycheck is coming from. But on the other hand...

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