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I am an investor (I look for both undervalued companies with good growth potential) and I do top down then bottom up macroeconomic analysis. I like Austrian School economics. I co-founded the startup investor education and financial education company, Wall St for Main St, LLC to help people through these difficult times. You can visit our main website at https://www.wallstformainst.com

Stop Complaining About Silver Moving Higher!

Learn to Hedge Like a Pro Instead!

Silver is making the move many of us have been waiting for. Rather than sell out of positions, a smarter investor or trader should be looking at using options such as protective puts as insurance and hedging strategies to protect against the downside while still maintaining unlimited upside.

Invest in Higher Food Prices Without Taking on Leverage

Fertilizers as a good investment

For those of you looking to protect yourselves and your family from increasing food prices and also profit off of this developing trend, the best way, in my opinion, to invest in the higher food prices trend is to invest in Potash/Fertilizer stocks. Here’s why:

No Rare Earths for You, USA!

As Chinese President Hu Jintao visits the US this week, and the Wall St Journal just released an Op-Ed about how US politicians should attack him for China’s recent restrictions on REE exports leaving China, it’s important for investors to understand where REEs fit into the global macroeconomic picture and how China is holding all of the cards and how it is wielding its current monopoly on Rare Earths.

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