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Global Strategist and CEO

Eoin Treacy is a global strategist at Fullermoney.com. Following a degree in Philosophy from Trinity College, Dublin, he went on to spend nearly four years with Bloomberg where he became a student of market psychology and taught numerous seminars across Europe on the use of technical indicators. In 2003 he joined the Fullermoney Global Strategy Service to work with David Fuller and specialize in the service’s unique approach to research-combining technical, fundamental and behavioral factors-covering global stock markets, government bonds, currencies and commodities.

Eoin is a daily contributor to Fullermoney’s Comment of the Day and frequently records the Subscriber’s Daily Audio. He also developed the site’s customized Chart Library now containing over 12,000 instruments. Eoin also co-presents The Chart Seminar on Behavioral Technical Analysis and is a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV, CNN, CNBC India and has appeared on BBC World Service. He is an active trader, detailing all trades on the Fullermoney site. Eoin is married and has two daughters. In his free time he is a keen scuba diver.

The Four Pillars of Global Thematic Investing

It might seem so obvious as to appear facile but it is easier to make money in a bull market. Anyone who has ever taken part in a bull market that has persisted for any meaningful length of time has been pleasantly surprised by how well their investments do and how easy it all seems.

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