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Red tape, revolution, conflict, cronyism – all of these make doing business in the global arena a challenge for even the best prepared companies. The world’s rapidly changing political environment poses significant obstacles, but also great opportunities for today’s business community. Understanding the nexus between economics and politics has never been more important.

Global Risk Insights provides the web’s best political risk analysis for businesses and investors. Our contributors are some of the brightest minds in economics, politics, finance, and international relations. Our goal is to help individuals and corporations analyze and understand the politics of doing business so that they can make better informed decisions about their economic activities in every corner of the world.

Will the US Midterms Spell the End of #MAGA?

By Global Risk Insights – Historically, the President’s party loses seats in midterm elections. In 2010, for instance, Democrats lost 63 seats in the House of Representatives to the GOP. In the context of recent election victories, one of the most notable ones...

Power Brokers: Saudi Crown Prince Clears a Path to the Throne

By Global Risk Insights – Just two weeks ago, the Future Investment Initiative summit in Riyadh took place to international acclaim. Now, investor interest has turned to intense uncertainty, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin...

India’s Aadhaar Program and the Future of Biometrics

By Global Risk Insights – India’s biometric identification program, known as Aadhaar, has gone from an optional program to a mandatory one, and is collecting more data than ever expected. In light of private information being...

Article 9 and Japan’s Missile Defense Dilemma

By Global Risk Insights – After North Korea’s recent missile tests over Japan, new questions have been raised about the ‘pacifist clause’ of the Japanese Constitution and the effectiveness of Japan’s missile defense strategy.

Is the Referendum on Kurdish Independence a Spark in a Powder Keg?

By Global Risk Insights – Kurdish authorities announced on Wednesday that Iraqi Kurds overwhelmingly voted in favor of a split from Iraq, with 92.7 percent of the electorate casting their vote in support of Kurdistan’s...

Automation Will Make Countries With a Youth Bulge More Volatile

By Global Risk Insights – Automation is on track to disrupt the status quo everywhere, but nations with a youth bulge will be more affected than others. A large youth population whose employment and future is threatened by automation...

The Domestic and Global Shocks of the Growing Water Crisis in China

By Global Risk Insights – China is plagued by a growing water security crisis and its current solutions are far from sufficient. The reverberations of this crisis have already had global implications, notably encouraging the Arab Spring.

Universal Basic Income: Can It Work?

By Global Risk Insights – With the increase of workplace automation and robotics, the fear of rising unemployment has many economists and policymakers worried how a displaced labor force will survive. The response to...

Banking Reform in China: Too Little, Too Late?

By Global Risk Insights – China’s economic expansion requires a responsive and responsible banking system to keep money flowing. This means financial reform in how China does business or else face severe financial implications having global consequences.

What Is the Most Likely Outcome of the Qatar Crisis?

By Global Risk Insights – The diplomatic crisis resulting from sanctions against Qatar raises fresh questions concerning the political and economic environment in the Gulf. A guest post by Anas Abdoun. Just a fortnight after President...

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