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Paul joined Financial Sense® Wealth Management in 2015. He holds an M.S. of Investment Management and Financial Analysis from Creighton University. Paul earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2013 and he achieved the designation of Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA), administered by Investment Management Consulting Association (IMCA) in 2017. His professional designations include FINRA Series 7, Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law Exam; and Life-Only, Accident and Health, and Variable Contracts insurance licenses (California insurance license #0E60881). Mr. Horn has over a decade of experience in financial planning and wealth management services. He oversees the Financial Planning activities of the firm. Paul enjoys golf, the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Are You Harnessing the Most Powerful Tool for Retirement?

Nov 29 – By now I’m sure you understand the benefits of a Roth account. You put money in after taxes and it grows tax free over time. It’s universally known that a Roth account is great for those in lower tax brackets or for anyone who’s younger. It can also...

Should You Consider a Roth Conversion?

Nov 28 – Roth conversions are a powerful planning tool for retirement and can be beneficial to many individuals. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made this an interesting year to consider a conversion, but it’s important to understand if it’s the right choice...

The Good, Bad and Indifferent With Target Date Funds

Nov 12 – The person that developed Target Date Funds (TDF) is a marketing guru. The premise is to develop a fund an investor can stay in over their lifetime that will automatically reduce risk over time as the person approaches retirement. The concept is simple in nature and has spread like wildfire as the investment of...

Why Do I Need a Trust?

By Paul Horn CFP – A trust at times may be the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out beyond the grave. It remains one of the simplest and best ways to help protect you while living and protect your heirs after you pass.

Real Estate Investors Face Potential Benefits Under Tax Bill

By Paul Horn – With the recent tax bill changes, the old adage “location, location, location” has never been more true. Starting in 2018, the mortgage interest deduction will now be capped at $750,000 with interest paid on home equity or loans for vacation...

Dramatic Tax Changes Coming Your Way - Here's What You Need to Know

By Paul Horn – We just witnessed the largest changes to the tax code since President Reagan. We at Financial Sense Wealth Management have composed a summary of all the changes that go into effect for 2018. Remember this will have no impact on your 2017 taxes...

Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

By Paul Horn – Using a health savings account (HSA) is a prudent financial decision that many Americans overlook or simply do not understand. One of their primary benefits is that contributed funds do not run out each year like a medical savings account. Instead, unused funds...

Handling Identity Theft

By Paul Horn – I recently had a client that was the unfortunate victim of identity theft. It took her credit card company calling her after several large transactions to even know that it happened. This, unfortunately, is an all too common...

Proposed Tax Changes and How to Benefit from Them

With the lowering of income taxes, there are many strategies to employ to bring income forward to now instead of waiting. This is important because the only constant in DC is change. Take advantage of the lower tax rates while they are in place because it is not yet determined...

Simple Solutions to Achieve your Financial Goals in 2017

For many of us, outside of diet and exercise, a common resolution has to do with our regular use of a certain four-letter word, CASH—how we spend it, save it, and think about our use of it in the future. As a financial planner, here are five tips I usually give that are essential...

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