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Frank Iszak was born in Hungary June 22, 1931. He attended University of Chemical Engineering. In 1956 he was coarchitect, along with George Polyak, of the first forceful takeover and re-direction of a commercial airliner in a desperate escape from Communist-controlled Hungary to freedom. After successfully landing in what was then West Germany on July 13, 1956, he worked for Western intelligence agencies, relating valuable information about the uranium mines he worked in Hungary before he escaped.

Iszak immigrated to the United States in 1957; became a U.S. citizen in 1962; and worked as a chemist in Berkeley, California. He later became a public speaker, delivering the message of freedom from the perspective of an escapee of the Communist tyranny. He owned and managed several small companies successfully. As owner of an advertising agency, he published several magazines, retired at age 50, only to return to work again as a private investigator, handling investigations of a variety of cases for 25 years.

In 2003, along with his wife, Serpil, Iszak founded Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach to reciprocate for what he calls the gift of his true and real life, which started on his “second birthday” on July 13, 1956, when he was greeted by the Stars and Stripes on the runway of a NATO Air Force base and his life with true freedom was born.

The mission of Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach is to deliver the benefits of gerontology-based yoga practices— Silver Age Yoga—to needy seniors at no cost. Presently Iszak is Executive Director of this nonprofit organization. Iszak is a popular public speaker, lecturing on the application and benefits of yoga to senior health issues and Silver Age Yoga’s already powerful influence on senior health. The Iszaks recently completed Duke Integrative Medicine’s intensive Yoga Therapy for Seniors workshop at Duke University. They also conduct workshops to professional alternative health organizations, including Omega Institute, International Association of Yoga Therapists, and Inner Idea

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