Richard Ocejo's Blog

Associate Professor of Sociology

Richard is an associate professor of sociology at John Jay College, and also a member of the doctoral faculty in sociology at the Graduate Center. His forthcoming book, Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy (Princeton University Press; spring 2017), is about the transformation of low-status occupations into "cool," cultural taste-making jobs (cocktail bartenders, craft distillers, upscale men's barbers, and whole animal butchers). His first book, Upscaling Downtown: From Bowery Saloons to Cocktail Bars in New York City, about nightlife and conflict in gentrified neighborhoods, was also published by Princeton University Press in 2014. His work has appeared in City & Community, Poetics, Ethnography, and the European Journal of Cultural Studies. He is also the editor of Ethnography and the City: Readings on Doing Urban Fieldwork (Routledge; 2012) and serve on the editorical boards of the journals Metropolitics, Work and Occupations, and the Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography. He is currently working on two research projects: one on the development, design, and social dynamics of Penn Station and the other on small town gentrification in the Hudson Valley, NY. His overall research and teaching interests include urban and cultural sociology, community studies, work and occupations, and research methods (especially qualitative methods).

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