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Experience in bridging the technology and business worlds. Deepak has a range of experience from small software companies to large worldwide software and telecommunication companies and a reputation for going after the tough tasks, the hard goals, and accomplishing what the business needs to thrive.

He enjoys working at the technical, product and business level interchangeably keeping a constant conduit open between these equally important aspects of the business.

Technical strategy and vision, high-performance teams, agile processes, software architecture, unified communications technologies, communication enabled business processes, SaaS.

Authored over 14 patent applications.

Specialties: mobile payments, mobile banking, mobile authentication, mobile fraud detection, social gaming, collaboration, sip, SOA, wireless, agile development, consultant, project management, web 2.0, unified communications, Government 2.0, communications-enabled business applications, green tech, scrum, web services, wireless, social media, flex, Java, C# .NET, Cloud communications, Azure, Sharepoint, NFC, ruby on rails, ajax, entrepreneur, India, Canada, Ottawa, crowdsourced analytics, and reality mining.

N-dimensional Authentication Takes Behavioral Biometrics to New Levels

By Deepak Dutt – One of the factors making n-dimensional authentication effective is the ability to include sophisticated machine learning in security protocols. Instead of relying on methods that are proved to be vulnerable, this technique uses...