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Geopolitical Futures is a company that charts the course of the international system. It’s an ambitious mission, maybe even foolhardy, but hear us out.

We have a model, a way of looking at the world, based on the assumption that impersonal forces – things like geography, demography, resource scarcity, military capability, etc. – govern world leaders, not the other way around. It’s an important distinction you don’t see anywhere else. Because when you know what compels and constrains a leader, you can predict how the nation they lead will behave. When you know how nations behave, you can anticipate how the international system will change. When you can anticipate how the international system will change, you begin to see world events as we do: in the context of a much longer and more interesting story than the mainstream media can tell, one that traces, with empathy and dispassion, the rise and fall of world powers.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have been able to accurately predict the crisis in the EU, the economic decline of China, the re-emergence of Russia, the confrontation over Ukraine and a reconciliation between the U.S. and Iran.

Everything we publish is rooted in geopolitics and flows from our forecast, which lays out our predictions for the year – or for the coming years, as the case may be. We update the forecast daily, weekly and annually, and we track our progress, including our mistakes, for all our readers to see.

At GPF, there are no gimmicks, no ads, no clickbait – just quality analyses written for an intellectually curious and discerning audience. We traffic in geopolitics, not partisan politics. We’re transparent and objective. We write about what matters, not about what doesn’t. We’re bound by no one but our readers.

Welcome to the future.

Fact and Fiction in the Khashoggi Affair

By GPF – The journalist’s killing could call into question the U.S.-Saudi alliance. The United States needs Saudi Arabia for a variety of reasons, foremost of which is to prevent Iran from expanding its power any more than it already has. This will probably...

China Feeling the Sting as Global Tech War Heats Up

By GPF – On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury outlined plans to implement a stringent review system on foreign investment in 27 high-tech sectors deemed critical to national security, from telecommunications to aviation to biotech...

Russia's Oil Flows, EU Problems Grow

By GPF – Oil production in Russia is back with a vengeance. Whether Moscow ever really adhered to its agreements to cut production is a matter of debate, but the government’s most recent production data should put that debate to rest.

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