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Bull Market Firmly Intact, TINA Trade Is Over, Says Richard Dickson

We’re still in a bull market but the TINA (“There Is No Alternative” to equities) trade is now over, Richard Dickson, Chief Market Analyst at Lowry Research, tells Financial Sense Newshour in today’s podcast. This is extremely important, he says, since investors will now be shifting more of their attention to interest rates, earnings, and other factors. Richard explains the message coming from Lowry’s proprietary buying power and selling pressure gauges, which sectors of the market he likes best, which sectors he’d avoid, and his thoughts on the future trajectory of the stock market.

Next, Dan Steffens at Energy Prospectus Group gives an update on oil prices and the overall energy markets, discussing the major announcement this week by Russia and Saudi Arabia, in addition to three long-term themes that he believes will have a strong impact on oil for the next several years.

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