Complexity Economics

I recently stumbled across a series of educational videos that provide probably the best and easiest to understand explanation of complexity theory I have ever seen. Since Didier Sornette and I just touched upon this subject and how it is part of a major shift in how we understand both the financial system and global economy (the interview should be airing next week), it might be helpful for many of you to watch a few or all of the 13 short videos provided at Complexity Learning's YouTube channel in case you'd like to become more fully acquainted with the following: complexity theory, systems thinking, synchronization, nonlinear systems, network theory, complex adaptive systems, emergence, self-organization, socio technical systems, complexity economics, and social network analysis.

Here is the 12th video in their Complexity Science Course titled, "Complexity Economics." To see all 13, click here for their full playlist on YouTube.

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