Mutant Rat Epidemic Spreading Economic Black Plague

Rat-Pack-Series Part 1 of 6

We are in the midst of a rat infestation of epidemic proportions -- an ‘Economic Black Death’, a plague, spread by Xenopsylla cheopis (rat-fleas).

These are no ordinary rats. No. Our infestation consists of 900-hundred pound, grotesque, disgustingly despicable, giant, disease-carrying, plague-creating, rat-flea ridden mutant rats.

These rat-fleas carry, bite at, and fatally infect, the two things we need to survive: A sound economy and freedom.

You’d think 900 pound rodents spreading an Economic Black Death would be noticeably obvious to everyone.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

For decades these mutants have remained hidden in the shadows of Wall Street, cowardly veiling themselves behind the walls of our government and lurking in the vile, foul-smelling financial sewers below where we sleep, work, and raise our families.

In 2006, financial bloggers - a minority group whose numbers probably total about a million today - saw rat droppings. We began blogging about the monster, mutant rat population. As the rats began to outgrow their hidings, more and more signs became visible.

Despite the economic fallout, the other 309 million Americans don’t know - or maybe don’t want to know - just how bad the Economic Black Plague is, or how bad it will become.

For whatever reason, the majority remain in denial. Some of them have caught a glimpse of a mutant rat here or there. Sometimes they just see a tail slither into a crevice, see a sagging attic filled with monster rats ready to cave in on what is left of their utopia. They smell the vile, distinct odor of rat urine. A growing number of this majority sense that something is lurking.

After catching a peek of of these grotesque, horrifying creatures, many a pretender will refuse to look twice.

Their logic: Acknowledgement will create reality, and that will make tomorrow different from yesterday.

Their motto: The problem is way over on the other side of the room - it won’t spread.

Their creed: Ignore the problem - it’ll go away.

It won’t. Rat multiplicity ensures it will only get worse.

This is a four part series. Each future installment will discuss a variant breed of the 900-pound mutant rat packs which are spreading Black Economic Death.

Today’s installment exposes the 900 Pound Public Debt Rat.

In the next five parts of the Rat Pack Series I will report on the following: Empirical Bread & Circus Rat, the Corporatocracy Rat, the Globalism Rat , the Media Rat, the Fed Rat, the Education Rat, the Economic Advisor Rat, the Bank & Wall Street Rats and the .009 Pound SEC Porno Rat.

The last article will address the 900 Pound Leadership Deficit Rat.

900 Pound Public Debt Rat: The actual debt numbers are insane. Public Debt is over $13,433,000,000,000.00 (13.4 trillion). Add the GSE (Freddie/Fannie) debt to that and we are over 18 trillion. Pile on the unfunded liabilities hidden on the government’s off balance sheet ledgers and you will find these figures: Social Security (14.6 trillion), Prescription Drugs (19.2 trillion), Medicare (76 trillion). You owe, your kids owe, all of us owe about $400,000.00 a piece. Considering the median home price on the east-coast is $205,000.00, you now owe for two homes, in addition to anything that you may owe on your existing home. And oh, by the way, it’s at a variable rate loan. In fact, principle and interest are subject to change. This debt is just like some toxic negative amortization pay-what-you-can-add-more-to-principle mortgage.

Rat-Public-Debt-Bite Deadly Bacteria 1: We work from January 1st until August 15th, and every paycheck during that time-frame goes to support this insanity. That leaves you 4 months of the year to pay towards your home, car, clothes, doctor bills, food, cable bill, vacation and anything else you may want and or need.

Think the economy would be doing better if consumers weren’t giving their entire paychecks away 8 months of the year to service almost a half million in debt? I do.

Rat-Public-Debt-Bite Deadly Bacteria 2: Slavery. Plain and simple. Ironic that we had a Civil War to abolish this. The United States Of America, land of the free (small print: for 4 months of the year). And you aren’t free then. The average American is a debt slave trying to bridge the gap between their 4 month job that pays them and their 8 month job that pays Uncle Scam.

Rat-Public-Debt-Bite Deadly Bacteria 3: Worse, we don’t take in enough in taxes to feed the Debt Rat. As you can see the Debt Rat borrows what it can’t suck out of the working slave. Communist China and the rest of the world won’t loan us enough to feed the debt rat either.

Each and every year we come up short. We can’t pay our bills. This deficit grows.

Rat-Public-Debt-Bite Deadly Bacteria 4: So the Fed-Bernanke-Rat uses Quantitative Easing (counterfeiting) to cover the difference in what we owe out against what we take in with taxes combined with what we can borrow. The formula:

(Tax Citizens for 8 months + Borrow From Communist China et al) - (What Is Owed Out) = How Much Fed-Rat Bernanke must Counterfeit.

Counterfeiting over a trillion a year greatly reduces the purchasing power of your dollar, which requires you to work even more to afford stuff you need. Wages thanks to the Globalization-Rat have stagnated at 1973 levels (adjust for inflation). Inflation the Fed-Rat creates.

Rat-Poison: When you take in less, than you owe you are broke.

When you take in less than you owe and what you can borrow and you still can’t pay what you owe - it is game over.

When you take in less than you owe, and you borrow and you counterfeit to cover the difference - give up, you are drowning in debt.

Counterfeiting the difference only will make it worse. Bankruptcy is the only poison that will kill this rat. And we need to use it before the rat bites off our head. It is time for the government to issue new dollars. One new dollar for every 20,000 old dollars. If your mortgage is 100,000 dollars, 5 new dollars will pay it off - your slate and Uncle Scams are now wiped clean. It is time our politicians to cut off their rat gonads and grew human ones, and if Communist China doesn’t like it, they can suck the rats tail. Every country is, to one extent or another, in the same shape. They all can (read: will) do the same. No country, no economy can be prosperous when it’s citizens have to work eight months to pay for it’s debt while living on 4 decade old wages. Economies need spenders, spenders need jobs and more than four months of income. Despite what the utter and absolute morons on CNBS utter about jobless recoveries.

The 900 Pound Empirical Bread & Circus Rat: America was supposed to be a Republic......Coming in the following installment.

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