Eric Hadik Sees Major Turn in Gold, 2016 Market Crash

When we spoke to Eric Hadik last year on our show, he discussed a "massive convergence of cycles taking place", which would lead to three major developments in 2015: the dollar would see a major bull market run, gold would see a major bottom around mid-year, and stocks would likely top out and see a crash.

So far, Eric’s track record is 3-for-3 since after he made those comments, the dollar rallied strongly, gold bottomed in July (whether it turns out to be “the” bottom, time will tell), and the stock market also topped out and saw a precipitous double-digit decline in late August.

Now that his forecasts for this year have turned out, what does he expect for 2016? Here’s what he had to say in our most recent interview (see here):

  • 2016 will be a good year for gold
  • A possible multi-year low for stocks, significantly below current levels
  • Crude oil heading lower and possibly putting in a final bottom late 2015, early 2016

Eric’s work is largely based on a combination of market cycles and technical indicators. That being said, he admits quite humbly that cycles (and forecasts) are not perfect, but can help investors identify trends and major turning points.

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