Jim's Articles

James J Puplava CFP article archive from 1999 to present covering numerous topics impacting the markets and global issues.
02/17/2017 The Four Horsemen of the Retirement Apocalypse
02/01/2017 Feast or Famine
01/18/2017 The Inheritance
01/10/2017 The Oracles
06/27/2014 Oil, Money, & War - Introduction
04/15/2014 Shareholder Value: Getting Rich Slowly
04/07/2014 With Markets in Transition, Value and Fundamentals More Important Than Ever
03/31/2014 Get Out of the Bunker! Economy Set to Improve This Year
03/25/2014 When Will the Bubble Burst?
03/20/2013 The Granddaddy of All Bubbles Is Here
03/13/2013 The Petro Business Cycle, Part II
11/28/2012 A Market Downturn and the Risk On/Risk Off Trade
07/30/2012 Deflation? Don't Count On It... Jeff Clark
06/05/2012 Hard Choices—The Investor’s Dilemma
05/31/2012 World Fixated on Europe; Friday's U.S. Economic Data Is Key
05/30/2012 A Big Week for the Markets
05/24/2012 Will There Be Stimulus?
04/26/2012 How to Give Yourself an Annual Pay Raise, Pt 2
04/23/2012 How to Give Yourself an Annual Pay Raise, Pt 1
03/14/2012 The Story Nobody Wants to Hear
02/29/2012 $5 Gas: Play it Again Sam!
02/15/2012 The Petro Business Cycle
01/31/2012 The Debt Supercycle Part II: On Borrowed Time
01/18/2012 The Debt Supercycle Reaches Its Final Chapter
11/23/2011 Gerald Celente on MF Global, Fascism, and the Culture of Corruption
11/04/2011 Practical Steps for Creating a Self-Sustainable Home
10/26/2011 Martin Armstrong: The Entire Global Monetary System Needs to be Revised
09/30/2011 There Will Be Stimulus Part 2
09/27/2011 There Will Be Stimulus
09/16/2011 Credit Crisis the Result of Greatest Financial Crime in World History
08/09/2011 No Way Out, Part 1
06/24/2011 James Dines Predicts Rare Earth Buying Panic Over the Next Five Years
05/31/2011 Kirk Sorensen States Thorium a Million Times More Energy Dense than Fossil Fuels
05/21/2011 Interview with Former US Senator Alan Simpson
05/17/2011 David Rosenberg: Those Complaining of QE Now Will Beg For It Later
05/16/2011 Spanning the Globe with Felix Zulauf
02/04/2011 The Peak Oil Chronicles, Part I: When The Giants Run Dry
01/31/2011 So You Think You Can Dance
01/25/2011 Where's the Beef?
09/29/2010 Prospecting for Bubbles