Uranium Price Hits 2 Year High

The new yellow metal In town

Tue, Nov 30, 2010 - 2:12pm

In 1883, an historic cataclysm of 10 days that shook the world and vaporized Krakatoa, an island between Java and Sumatra. An umbrella of ash rose 50 miles high and sent sonic reverberations 7 times around the world. Deaths numbered 120,000. Scientists of that time were awed by the magnitude of nature’s forces that were being unleashed. They speculated that one day ways would be found to harness this energy. Even The Bible concurred with the physicists that all inert matter contained particles of energy that if harnessed could provide inexpensive and abundant energy to replace the coal, steam and oil that fueled the industrial revolution of that era. Now if Faraday’s and Boyle’s could return to 2010 they could witness the fulfillment of their most visionary dreams with the advent of The Nuclear Age.

International demand for U2O6 is rising. Knowledgeable investors who made a killing when uranium reached a $136 a pound in June 2007, are once again in the accumulation mode. The Russians, Koreans, and particularly The Chinese are investing in joint ventures all over the world to gain control of future supply. In fact our contract for Russia dismantled nuclear warheads expires in 2013, not far away. This will further exacerbate the supply and demand deficit. China is likely to purchase off take agreements with uranium miners who do not have any. It is important to find the miners who are in the driver’s seat. This is the miners market to catch a solid big at higher levels. Certain miners who are close to production with uranium that is not yet purchased are setup to reap the benefits of this hot sector.

Recently, U2O6 hit a 24 month high of $53.50 a pound. Typically, when uranium begins to make its upward move it does so with atomic force giving large profits to the lucky holders. It is interesting to note that only 8 mines in the world yield more than fifty percent of global production. Moreover, in reality there is not a lack of uranium deposits, but there is a lack of assets that possess production potential. Already in the United States there are a 104 plants with more coming. China has eleven plants and are constructing another twenty eight reactors. This does not include the facilities existing in France, Germany, Japan, Iran, among others. Today’s nuclear plants are sophisticated, safe and efficient far removed from the fossils of yesteryear. My readers through my premium service are enjoying triple digit profits even at this early stage. As uranium shortages mount I will continue to give my readers additional profitable opportunities for their consideration. Just as profits have been made by my readers in the small gold miners, so do I feel that certain small uranium miners are ripe as cherries for the picking.

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