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Gerald Celente on MF Global, Fascism, and the Culture of Corruption

The following is an edited transcript of Gerald Celente's interview with Jim Puplava. For the full transcript or audio interview, CLICK HERE

On MF Global and his stolen funds:

"So I got a call two weeks ago on a Monday from my broker and he wanted a margin call. I said what are you out of your mind a margin call!?! I said I have plenty of money in my account. I am taking delivery at the end of the month. What margin call? And then he told me I had an account with MF Global, I thought I had it with Lind-Waldock. I hadn’t paid attention—they'd been bought out—because every time they would answer the phone it was Lind-Waldock and it just kind of registers in your mind like that. Then I found out they took all of my money—all of my money—out of my account and put it in the hands of a trustee. I said who decided this? He said the CME group and other parties. I said you mean Meyer Lansky and Al Capone decided to take my money! They are making up these rules and giving it to a trustee? I mean who is their trustee? What member of the crime family has my money? Now, Mr. Celente don’t get excited. I said what are you kidding me? That was my life savings!"

On Jon Corzine, Goldman Sachs, and 40-to-1 leverage:

"And I go do some research and say, wait a minute, this MF Global is run by the wonderful Jon Corzine. Oh, you remember him—the former governor of New Jersey and then Senator until he ran that into the ground. He was a top cat with Goldman Sachs. Boy the Rothschilds would be jealous if they could see what the Goldman Sachs gang has taken over. Anyway, let’s not forget Henry Paulson under Bush was a Goldman Sachs guy, Robert Ruben under Clinton, the Treasury Secretary, was a Goldman Sachs guy that deregulated the industry, killed the Glass-Steagall act and made it legal for these guys to become open criminals. They call taking it down the firewall between commercial banking and investment banking.

It means that they’re casinos that gamble. And that is what Corzine was doing. It’s like you, Jim, going to Las Vegas, sitting down and putting a dollar on the table and making a $40 bet and the dealer would say hey, what are you out of your mind, buddy? You only got a dollar there. Hey don’t you know who I am? I am John Corzine and my buddies over there at the Federal Reserve and at the commodity futures trading association, they say it's okay. I can bet 40 to 1. You just do this and do as you told. Because you know who my buddy is over there at the commodity futures trading association? Well his name is Gary Gensla. Oh yeah, so big deal. What do you mean big deal. I knew Gary when I was over at Goldman Sachs. He was one of the boys. He said I could do this. So this is what he [Jon Corzine] is doing. What he did was he stole the money out of my account and others and, brilliant Jon Corzine, bet on European bonds. Oh you know those wonderful Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Irish bonds…going down the toilet. So that is what he did. He took funds that are segregated and got them to fill his money junky habit of 40 to 1."

The Smoking Gun: Does the CME have the money?

"So then I’m doing more research and I come up with this guy, the head of the CME Group. They are the stock exchange for commodities and derivatives out of Chicago. Terry Duffy. Yes. Terry Duffy, the executive chairman. And I’m googling around and I find a speech of his with his good buddy Mayor Daley next to him. This was about a year ago. And here is what Terry says at this press conference.

This all ties together—he was trying to get tax breaks for the CME Group because of all the jobs that they create and how they deserve these breaks as the rest of us just have to live by the rules. And he goes on to say “no customer has ever lost a penny as a result of a clearing member default of the CME Group”. Oh yeah, Terry, guess what? I lost more than a penny. A lot more than a penny!And here is the smoking gun. This is the smoking gun that should bring down the entire criminal operation. If you or I did this, Jim, we would be behind bars. But just like Corzine walks free, he is a member of the White Shoe Boys Club—there is no hard time for them. “Since we are the guarantor of every transaction that happens” says Mr. Duffy, “in our markets we have to guarantee the performance of each and every one of these contracts”. Then he goes on to say that they have secured these contracts. To do this "we hold more than $100 billion of collateral to support the transactions that are being done on our markets." Where is the money, $100 billion? And they are talking about a $700 million shortfall and they can’t come up with it. This is either a fraud or a con or a lie. What is this?"

On Obama, fascism and corporate control:

"I am so sick of hearing how, 'Oh, this Obama is a socialist. He’s a Marxist.' No he's not. The merger of state and corporate powers is called fascism. Let’s stop calling these people bankers. Let’s call them by their proper names, loan sharks. The loan sharks have taken over this nation. They have just taken over there in Italy. They put this guy Mario Monti—they call him Super Mario. How about three card Monti? How about this guy—look at him, look at the connections! I’m not making this up. Monti. The new Draghi head of the ECB. Papademos over there in Greece, three bankers just took over the deal. Where did what’s his name, Draghi come from? Oh, he was head of the Goldman Sachs group there in Europe wasn’t he? Member of the Trilateral Commission and a senior member of the Bilderberg. I’m not making this up, it's all right there. And how about that guy Papademos over there? Oh yeah, another trilateral member and also a roommate…a roommate of Draghi during college yeahrs. That’s pretty tight isn’t it? Yeah, but you know there is also three card Monti over there in Italy. No he’s not another member of the Trilateral commission is he? Oh no…it just happens to be like that!"

On corruption of the law, moneychangers, and Jesus:

"Look at the scandal that just came out—that continues to come in and out of the news again and again—about the insider trading that goes on throughout congress. But hey Jim, it’s not against the law—they made it legal. This is how they use the law. It came down from Christ. The 10 Commandments, the 11th, 12th, 13th and 150th were all made by God for congress. I mean you got a bunch of flunkies making this stuff up to protect themselves. And this is really important mentioning Christ. The only time Christ lost his temper and became violent was to take the whip against the money changers in the temple. Isn’t that something? The Prince of Peace loses it because of the greedy money junkies. And now they have taken over the country and they are going to take us all to war. What you are seeing going on Occupy Wall Street—“they are nothing but a bunch of hippies that don’t want to work.” You know what this is, Jim, it’s class warfare and it’s as old as history and you can play back the clock. We are seeing it over and over again. Far too few have much too much and way too many have much too little. The gap between the rich and the poor in the United States is the widest of any of the industrialized countries. You picked it out. Have you seen any heads roll? Not one. Not one from the Wall Street gang. Oh they got Madoff over there. Madoff screwed with the wrong people. He hit the rich. He didn’t hit the people that lost their pensions and savings and retirements. The whole thing is sick and until we restore morality nothing will change."

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