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Did you get the important turns in the S&P and Dow on Tuesday? You needed to know the high probability turn numbers to benefit from these great trades. Daniel got the numbers from an Angel and wrote them down. I got the numbers from his Book. You can get all the Daniel numbers from the Danielcode Online. You can read Daniel's Book frequently. There is much to learn.

I want to be as direct as possible. If you expect to make serious money trading you need an Ace or you will be the Joker. If you have only one Ace you can be an occasional trading star but you will spend plenty of time in the wings waiting for your turn to come again. What you need to be a gun trader is a pack full of Aces. You can get them at the Danielcode. The difference between good and very good traders is small but the difference in results is vast.

This today from a client in NewZealand:

Since completing the two day tutorial on the Daniel Code I have now completed 32 trades which has resulted in 28 winners with only 4 losers. Of those 4 losing trades 3 were due to me not following the proper procedure (which has now been corrected by the follow up sessions with your good self). I was a profitable trader before I came across the Daniel Code website, but with what I have now learned I am in no doubt whatsoever that the Daniel Code will propel me to another level. AO.

It is that simple and that clear cut. I do not publish testimonials lightly. My clients and I stand by every word in their testimonials. If you want to be a very good trader, get to learn and understand the Danielcode. It takes talent, hard work and dedication. It is good for beginners to learn and sensational for really competent traders like my student AO. How good you can be is entirely up to you. The Danielcode has the numbers; it is up to you to use them. Don't wish that trading was easier; wish that you were better!

With Gold and Silver hibernating within their consolidations, DC traders have focused this week on the S&P and Dow to play their Aces. Below is the daily Daniel sequence chart for S&P futures posted at the Danielcode Online on Sunday afternoon. You had plenty of time to prepare for this one. Try to follow the logic as I set out these trades for you. It seems complex at first but it is worth the trip I assure you.

Friday's low was right at a DC target, so the choices were an immediate reversal or a move to a lower number in the sequence. The next number for the S&P futures was at 1324 and that became our focus. The methodology of trading the Danielcode is to put only the nearest Daniel price level on your chart and watch for a turn. At this stage we have a separation of the mystic qualities of the Daniel numbers and the hoary old techniques of the trader's pantry, but we must use technique and protocols to overcome our lack of foreknowledge. Nothing in the Danielcode tells us which of the price sequences will effect the turn so trading skill and correct observation of price action at the DC levels is key.

Our guiding principle is that better than 85% of turns come within the published variances for these secret price levels, so our daily setup bar needed a low within our established daily variance of plus or minus 3 points for this index, ergo the reversal, if there was to be one needed a daily low between 1327.10 and 1321.10.

Monday's low at 1327.20 was just close enough to be tempting but it did not meet our qualifying criteria so our attention turned to Tuesday and the shorter scale chart.

With Friday's close on the 151 minute chart clinging precariously to the 1335 Daniel price level, the next target of focus on the shorter term chart was shown as 1325.20 on the following chart which of course was posted for subscribers on Sunday PM. You can see that there are three numbers in the Daniel sequence shown for each of the two operative sequences on this chart, so if 1325.20 was to be the active sequence that would cause a reversal, the low had to come in the range of 1328.20-1322.20. There are small differences in this range to the daily number range but both are valid. Using the lesser of our allowable variances from the daily and 151 minute chart narrowed the target area to between 1327.10 and 1322.20. This is Sunday's shorter term chart:

The simplest stochastic straight out of the excellent Genesisft trader's toolbox, gave us visual guidance as we zeroed in on the target area.

There was only one bar that met all of the DC qualifying setup bar provisions with a low at 1325.50 just 3 ticks from our target. It is arrowed on the following chart. With the stochastic severely oversold the conditions for a perfect Daniel number reversal were all met on one and only one bar. No "perhaps" and no "maybes" or "I think...". I like to say this is a "light switch" solution. It is either true or it is not true. The qualifying conditions are either met or not met. The certainty of the qualified setup bar rules will change your trading perspective.

Was this dissertation too hard or too taxing for you? If you followed the Danielcode, this trade has netted ,200 per S&P contract from the turn so it was worth a bit of concentration wasn't it? Thursday's chart update showed the immediate upside targets which you also see above. At the time of writing the S&P had closed right at its first target to yet again "recognise" the Daniel price level. This was an Ace trade and this email came yesterday from another Danielcode Ace who is running 7th in an international forex trading competition and she's just getting started having been with the Danielcode for only two months:

Just to let you know that I am continuing to be successful using options on the S&P (I don't have a futures account). Made US00 in that last trade (94%) not quite in the K league but still pretty happy as I have now made 4 out of 4 with the S&P. Starting to get the hang of doing the same (but different) on the Forex .. I have been trading shares, options and Forex for over 5 years with only so so success. I credit my turnaround to the Daniel Code. I'm much closer now to being a professional trader. YL, London, UK.


The Dow followed suit with its turn at 12258 just 12 points from its DC turn number (allowable variance for this index is 30 points) and the signal for DC traders to buy. Thursday closed right at its first DC target and 417 points from its DC turn. Danielcode subscribers had played another Ace. Below is the subscribers chart with the DC levels. Makes more sense when you look at the chart with the numbers on it, doesn't it?

US T Bonds

This is the Daniel sequence chart for T Bonds. It doesn't matter if you trade T Bonds or not. All markets trade the same with the Daniel sequence. The important message from the DC numbers on this chart is that there were only two possible bars that qualified as a possible low in early April and only two possible bars that had a high (85%+) probability of giving a turn for high in mid April. They were the only qualified setup bars. If you were churned in between or didn't get the turns it's because you didn't have the Daniel numbers.


How was this for a lucrative turn? Three separate degrees of DC sequences held the close and open in EUR-GBP and the 8133 level was 14 ticks (pips) from Wednesday's high to give us the qualifying setup bar. An easy 130 ticks from this classic setup

And this from the mid week update:

Perfect trade so far. 310 ticks from the Buy turn.

Aces everywhere for those who want to be great!! Angels are much harder to find but they are there if you search earnestly.

I invite you to visit the Danielcode Online and to read my March end trading report at

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