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As Easter approaches I offer you appropriately a message of horror and of hope. Horror if you were a late cycle entrant to gold, silver, oil, or currency markets as they almost simultaneously found their Daniel numbers and savaged the unwary. Hope if you are a thinker about markets and strive to understand why markets do what they do. The drama of this week including the massive rallies in the equity markets was rational, explainable and understandable. Much of it has been revealed in my previous Financial Sense articles. You had only to read.

Simply put, the Danielcode had the numbers for the reversals, within our usual tolerances, for every market I regularly cover. I am not aware that the degree of precision in these turns across so many unrelated markets has ever been emulated. You be the judge.

Gold and Silver

Gold raiders struck hard as they skinned almost $120 off the top tick in just 4 days. In "The Takedowns in Gold and Silver" published by Financial Sense on 7th March 2008 (see my FSO archives), with gold at 991.60 I told you:

Markets fluctuate; sometimes violently... $1027 beckons... The "takedown" levels in gold and silver are the Daniel numbers relevant to those charts. It's that simple... If you are trading gold or silver without looking at these Daniel charts you are flying blind. The cartel again knew the Daniel numbers and plundered you accordingly.

We got the $1027 level easily enough and this is the chart posted for subscribers on the Danielcode website at 6:00PM Sunday 16th March US ET (that is 11AM Monday 17th in New Zealand; all subscriber charts used in this article were posted and available to subscribers within a few hours of this time.)

There were a number of Daniel sequence levels above this market at the close Friday. You can see the juxtaposition of the mid blue target at 1033.30 and the weekly target in dark blue at 1034.10. Note also the downside targets of 934 and 914.80. The chart below shows what happened:

Monday's high was 1033.90 just 2 ticks from the weekly Daniel number and Thursday's low at the time of writing was 915.00 just 2 ticks from the second downside target. What are the odds of these numbers being generated and published to my website before the trading week began? You may ask why 1034 was the final DC number and not one of the earlier numbers in the sequence. Our 4 hour gold chart made that abundantly clear.

Again the takedown team used the Daniel numbers to trigger the sell off.

Silver had a double swipe at 2 conjunctional Daniel numbers before rolling over:


Oil peaked 1 tick from its Daniel target before running to its first DC retracement.

Equity Indices

The S&P made its low on Monday at 1258.00 with a variance of 2.6 points from its DC number. Our variance from target on this index is 3 points. On Wednesday it went straight to its first upside target. Other levels have been deleted in deference to subscribers.

Monday's low in the Dow Jones Index at 11757.80 was 17.8 points from its previously tested Daniel number at 11740.10. Our normal variance on this index at 30 points doesn't seem to have the precision of other markets but it is an allowable variance of just 0.25%


Financial Sense made this call easy for you when they published this chart and commentary on 29 February 2008 in my article "Crash! The Fat Lady opens Down Under":

…this market is searching for the next level. The major Daniel monthly number sequence has picked 4 of the 5 trading levels in this market since its top in 2001 with other support levels being made at intermediate Daniel sequence numbers. The numbers suggest a continued long term decline until at least the next Daniel support at 70.40.

Monday's low in DX was 70.70! It is now near 73.00.

The Nature of Prophesy

Because the Daniel number sequence is generated from passages (or at least my interpretation of passages) in the Book of Daniel, there is, to me a strong element of prophesy in their fulfillment. To ensure that I am being evenhanded to both followers of The Book and cynics with this statement, I turn to one of the world's acknowledged scientific minds, Sir Isaac Newton to put these comments in perspective. Newton too believed that many of the "keys" that we seek in life were contained in the Book of Daniel. He thought it so important that he wrote a whole book on it. These were his thoughts:

Sir Isaac Newton.

The folly of Interpreters has been, to foretell times and things, by this Prophecy, as if God designed to make them Prophets. By this rashness they have not only exposed themselves, but brought the Prophecy also into contempt. The design of God was much otherwise. He gave this and the Prophecies of the Old Testaments, not to gratify men's curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things, but that after they were fulfilled they might be interpreted by the event; and his own Providence, not the Interpreters, be then manifested thereby to the world. For the event of things predicted many ages before, will then be a convincing argument that the world is governed by

There is a scientist's view, presumably acceptable to all. If your mind is as formidable as Newton's perhaps you will have other arguments. Personally I doubt if intellects such as his presently exist! Note his warning on the "folly of interpreters". The gift is not for foreknowledge for our gratification, but as a convincing argument after the event that the world is governed by His own providence, not the interpreters. The "code" for the Daniel number sequence was written 25 centuries ago!

Market Turns

Nothing in the Danielcode tells us whether market turns at Daniel sequence numbers will be temporary or terminal. For those of you underwater on your recent gold and silver investments I have no foreknowledge of market action. What I can tell you is that the Daniel number sequence provides significant price levels that markets recognize but others do not see. Knowledge of those levels through the Danielcode charts will define your risk points and assist you to set a cohesive strategy whether you are a trader or an investor.

For those of you bewildered by this week's events in your favorite market and specifically asking why gold and silver tanked at a time of heightened market anxiety, I can tell you simply that the Danielcode controls all markets in all time frames. My understanding of this phenomenon is imperfect and open to error but when all our markets turn with such precision at their predestinated and published Daniel numbers, a reasonable man must ask "How is this so?" It is more than random chance.

Did your newspaper, TV commentators or advisers tell you these numbers and the risks they held? Danielcode traders knew and were prepared. They benefited accordingly.

I invite you to visit the Danielcode Online website where if you are kind enough to register, you can claim the current Danielcode chart of your choice completely free. New charts are posted before the US open on Mondays and updated Wednesday nights so I suggest that you wait until Monday morning to get the newest charts.

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