What Ails the U.S. Economy?

Marielena Stuart is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the state of Florida. She has an interesting message about the economy and what ails it. I had an opportunity to speak with Marielena at length about today’s economic crisis. “When [people] speak about the economy and jobs,” Stuart told me, “they don’t understand … that what is killing our economy is the fact our manufacturing base has been decimated by sustainable development rules and regulations imposed through agencies like the EPA. And yet these regulations and sustainable development have never been approved by the United States Congress. They have been imposed on Americans through Executive Orders.”

If you visit the White House website, you will find all Executive Orders of the current administration. Orders on regulatory matters usually refer to the environment as a key rationale for regulation. As many businessmen have discovered to their dismay, property rights are now trumped by environmental policy. According to Stuart, “The environmental movement has now become a monster.”

How did this happen? Stuart makes an interesting argument: “Essentially, when the Soviet Union fell communism did not disappear. It simply went underground, and it resurfaced as the environmental movement. It gained strength and filled its coffers.” According to Stuart, “The United Nations Agenda for the Twenty-First century presents human beings as enemies of the environment.” As such, Americans must be regulated in everything from procreation to eating habits. Stuart explained further, “If you think about it, however, it has nothing to do with the environment. It has to do with control … and everything to do with attacking property rights.”

An example of an environmentalist monster is Agenda 21, which America is a signatory to. Agenda 21 is not a treaty, yet its precepts are supported by many U.S. politicians. According to the Wikipedia article on Agenda 21, “Within the executive branch of the U.S. government, President H.W. Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama have all signed executive orders that broadly support the tenets of Agenda 21 but do not make reference to Agenda 21 by name.” According to Stuart, “The Agenda for the Twenty-First century is imposed through ‘sustainability programs,’ otherwise known as sustainable development. This is everywhere. It is in our local and state governments.”

It is also in our federal government. According to the White House web page on climate change, “Under President Obama’s leadership, the United States has engaged the international community to promote sustainable economic growth….” This signifies the U.S. administration’s determination to promote sustainability programs that effectively restrict human economic opportunity. According to Stuart, “Any program that sees human beings as enemies of the earth or the environment is a program based on Marxism; and Marxism is an enemy of our American founding values, is an enemy of the United States Constitution and all that it stands for.”

Agenda 21 and the idea of sustainable development first appeared in the pages of a 1987 UN report written by Gro Harlem Brundtland, a first Vice-President of the World Socialist Party who attended the Congress of the Socialist International in New York (1996). Brundtland’s World Socialist Party advocates revolution in order to bring about a moneyless society based on common ownership of the means of production. Like other Marxists, Brundtland believes that the state is the “executive committee” of the capitalists. Therefore, the working class must wrestle the state away from the capitalists. In that event, the free market would come to an abrupt end. Agenda 21 was written by Brundtland to advance the revolution. This revolution is not merely economic, Stuart explains, “At the core of Agenda 21 is the Marxist idea that the traditional family must be destroyed, because … without the traditional family you cannot have a sound economy.”

And why would anyone want to undermine America’s economy? According to Stuart, “They are trying to create a world crisis so they can then step in with a one world government to solve the crisis. The Rio + 20 summit that just took place in Brazil is a huge message to the world … that sustainable development is going to … advance aggressively.” She further stated, “As they advance aggressively, they will continue to promote that we must not be good American citizens, but good global citizens … Look at the attacks on our fisheries, on our farm lands. This is all part of the Agenda for the Twenty-First Century. Control … of society at every level – cultural control, economic control, and constant conditioning….”

Very few understand the threat to our economy from Agenda 21 and the Marxists. Why does Marielena Stuart understand? “I was born and raised in Cuba under Fidel Castro’s communist regime,” she explained. “My father was imprisoned by Castro in 1959 along with my two uncles. One of my uncles, at one point, was one of the longest held political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere.”

I asked Marielena about her life in communist Cuba. She replied: “My life under communism as a child was truly a nightmare – a mental torture, but physical also. I was beaten and left for dead in a field, and denied medical attention. I received my first medical care for the very serious head injuries that I suffered when I came to the United States. Really, the United States of America saved my life.”

For someone who understands communism, who knows how to read subversive movements, the damage to America’s economy is already apparent. “For me, having survived communism, it is very clear,” said Stuart. “Communism is active in America today. What Americans need to realize is that socialism is simply phase one of communism; and this has been working through our system for a long time.”

Stuart further explained, “We have people in government who are betraying America.... This did not happen overnight,” she added. “The communists have gotten themselves entrenched and have been working with tremendous dedication for their Marxist ideology. What we are about to face is truly a socialist abyss. And once we continue to descend further into this abyss it will be very difficult to turn the nation around….”

I fear that Marielena Stuart is right.

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