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Words from Red Square

"The dialectic of this offensive consists of a calculated shift from the old, discredited Soviet practice to a new, 'liberalized' model, with a social democratic façade, to realize the communist planners' strategy for establishing a united Europe. At the beginning they introduced a variation of the 1968 Czechoslovakian 'democratization.' At a later phase they will shift to a variation of the Czechoslovakian takeover of 1948." - Anatoliy Golitsyn, KGB defector

It was an impressive, solemn occasion in front of Lenin's Mausoleum on Wednesday. It was the anniversary of Soviet Russia's victory over Nazi Germany. There was military discipline, pomp and ceremony in Red Square. Russian soldiers goose-stepped and saluted. Old heroes displayed their medals. Jet fighters soared overhead. President Vladimir Putin addressed the assembled generals and admirals as "comrades," according to the Soviet style. You could see the pride in the old face of Russia, in the old national anthem with its new words. "We have no right," said Putin, "to forget the causes of any war, which are found in the mistakes of peacetime." Russia's mistake was to make a strategic partner out of Hitler, whose policies threatened the entire world.

"In our time," said Putin, "these threats are not diminishing. They have merely undergone a transformation, changing their appearance. We find in these new threats - as during the time of the Third Reich - the same contempt for human life and the same claims of exceptionality." In saying this, President Putin was talking about the United States. Putin was saying that fascism now flies the American flag. He was saying that the U.S. military is like the Nazi war machine, threatening the entire world.

The Russian people are being oriented to a new enemy. They are being told to fear and hate the Americans. According to Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the Russian Desk of British intelligence has warned that Putin may be preparing a new Cold War against America. But this is old news. Those who have been paying attention need no secret intelligence to see what is coming - what has already arrived. The whole period of perestroika and the collapse of communism and the "democracy" of Boris Yeltsin was nothing more than a preparatory interval. And now the preparations are nearing their completion. Russia has begun using its economic weapon - energy. The Europeans pretend that they are independent of Russia, but in reality the game is up. All that is required, in the long run, is the right propaganda. And Putin has discovered this propaganda. By mischaracterizing America's military plans, Russia plays the injured innocent. By likening Bush to Hitler, and America to the Third Reich, Putin seizes the moral high ground - rallying the international Left to Russia, impressing the dictators of the Third World with his anti-American credentials. At the same time, he sends a warning message to Europe. The world is against America, and you'd better join us.

Since 1991 the U.S. Government has stupidly believed in Russia's transformation, in Russian democracy, in Russian disarmament, in Russian good intentions. There is no American threat to Russia. The Americans are tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan, and everyone knows the Americans are losing. The American side doesn't want to be enemies with Russia. The Americans don't see any reason for conflict with Russia. At the same time, NATO is divided, weak, distracted and unready for war. As reported by the New York Times, America's leaders are busy debating the collapse of deterrence. Experts from the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and Energy Department are wondering who to retaliate against if terrorists set off a nuclear bomb in an American city.

If missiles were launched against America from silos in Russia the Americans would know who to retaliate against. But if terrorists detonate atomic weapons in New York and Washington, they couldn't retaliate against anyone, even if the bomb-grade uranium or plutonium was traceable to Russia or China or Pakistan. It was suggested, one year ago, that the United States issue a warning to the other nuclear powers: "We will hold you fully responsible if your bomb-grade material is used to destroy an American city." Although a warning was issued to North Korea, no warnings have been issued to Russia, China or Pakistan.

And yes, Russia's arsenal is believed to be the most likely source for a terrorist weapon. And the Kremlin is stating, for all to hear, that America has aggressive designs and destructive plans aimed at Russia. At the same time, behind closed doors, the Americans are reassuring themselves that the destruction of New York and Washington cannot be blamed on Russia because any such destruction, even if traced to Russian nuclear stockpiles, would be "inadvertent."

The determination has already been made. Russia is judged innocent in advance, and the Kremlin knows that the way is open; the American strategists have declared their faith, their belief in Russia as a strategic partner. Vladimir Putin can say whatever he likes. He can threaten a new Cold War. He can initiate an arms race. The American strategists will not suspect him of evil intentions. When New York is burning and fallout is killing everyone in Connecticut, the leadership of the United States will not suspect Putin of treachery. After all, a strategic partner is a strategic partner.

Here is the fateful method of launching a nuclear war without fear of retaliation. Note the precondition: false flag terrorism (i.e., gray terror). Note the psychological preparations: Russian nuclear facilities aren't terribly secure (i.e., Gen. Lebed's claim, years ago, that Russian warheads were "missing"). Note America's credulity: (1) Russia is no longer our enemy; (2) Islam is the main threat to America's survival; (3) the alliance between Russia and China is not aimed at America; (4) America is the lone superpower.

The words from Red Square give the game away.

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