Do Not Sell Your Gold

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The following is an excerpt from Richard Russell's Dow Theory newsletter

Day after day, everyone asks whether gold has topped out. Nobody ever asks whether the market has topped out. Think about it, we're in a low inflation, low investor fear environment, a dollar that appears to have bottomed and is now firming, and still gold holds above 1700 an ounce. This is a remarkable performance aided by heavy buying of gold in China, India, and Asian nations. But what happens when we hit the inevitable inflation; when investors’ fears are on the rise. To conclude, gold is holding well in an environment that is not bullish for gold, but in due time, the environment will turn highly bullish for the yellow metal. Do not time your gold purchases. Simply continue to accumulate gold. The skyrocketing phase lies ahead. Maybe 1-3 years ahead.

gold 15 nov 2011

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