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When we at Financial Sense started our FS Insider podcast a few years back, many listeners wrote in saying, "Hey, we want to hear more shows on technology." We took that feedback to heart and, in addition to our usual coverage of the financial markets and the economy, have now done around 50 different shows covering everything from quantum computing to driverless cars to cyberwarfare.

Since we've now done so many podcasts on a wide range of topics, here is a list of our favorites, which we've broken into the following 15 categories (arranged in alphabetical order below):

Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningBitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain TechEntrepreneurial Tech
Augmented RealityComplexity Theory and Complex Adaptive SystemsHigh Frequency Trading
Automation, Big Data, and RoboticsCybersecurity, Cyberwarfare, and SurveillanceQuantum Computing
BiometricsDriverless CarsSynchronization
Biotech and the Future of MedicineEnergy (Solar, Lithium, and Batteries)Technological Revolutions and the Economy

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Nikhil Buduma on Deep Learning (Part 1)

Nikhil Buduma on Deep Learning (Part 2)

Pedro Domingos on “The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World”

Matthew Bey on AI, Artificial Neural Networks

Matthew Mather: AI the Driving Force Behind Many Hedge Funds

Augmented Reality

Microsoft’s Hololens Is an Absolute Game Changer

Automation, Big Data, and Robotics

Book Interview: Weapons of Math Destruction

MIT’s Andrew McAfee on The Second Machine Age

Jon Hartley: Big Data Revolutionizing the Gathering of Economic Statistics

Dr. Ben Hunt on Big Data, Cybernetics, and Technology

Book Interview: “The Industries of the Future” With Alec Ross

Dr. Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer - Automated Farms Coming to a Field Near You


Rawlson King on the Evolution of Biometric Technology

Biotech and the Future of Medicine

Book Interview with Dr. Eric Topol - The Patient Will See You Now

Synthetic Biology – A Revolution in the Making

Senescence and the Science of Aging

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technology

Trace Mayer: Blockchain Tech Will Reorganize Every Aspect of Society

Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Is Seeing Massive Adoption

Dominic Frisby on Bitcoin, Gold, and the Future of Money

Dominic Frisby: Bitcoin Is One of the Most Important Developments Since the Internet

Complexity Theory/Complex Adaptive Systems

The Market as a Complex Adaptive System: An Interview with Dr. Hamid Benbrahim

Milan Zeleny: The Economy as a Complex Adaptive Organism

OECD's William White: Monetary Policy Has Failed and Economists Are Making a "Profound Ontological Error"

Cybersecurity, Cyberwarfare, and Surveillance Technology

Botnets, Hacking, and the Internet of Things

Deception Technology in Cyberspace – An Interview With TrapX’s Carl Wright

Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Capture Your Data and Control Your World

@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex

Driverless Cars

Why Your Next Car Will Be Driverless

Energy (Solar, Lithium, and Batteries)

James Mandel on Why Solar-Plus-Battery Technology Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Jeb Handwerger on Lithium, Tesla, and Metals

Doug Hornig: Huge Developments Taking Place in Solar Power

Entrepreneurial Tech

Book Interview: “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World”

High Frequency Trading

Joseph Saluzzi on Trading with Machines – The Changing Nature of Financial Markets

Cris Sheridan on HFT, the Surveillance Society, and Mathematical Governance

Quantum Computing

D-Wave’s Vern Brownell on Quantum Computing


Brian Uzzi on Insect-Like Synchronization Among Day Traders

Technological Revolutions and the Economy

Carlota Perez on Technological Revolutions, Manias, Bubbles, and Golden Ages

Alex Daley: Technology Revolutions Coming Faster - Now About Every Five Years

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