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By Independent Institute – A recent story in the New York Times discussed the increasing willingness of political candidates in the United States to run as socialists. Times reporter Farah Stockman wrote that the Democratic...

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By Adrian Ash – Gold and silver fell Friday lunchtime in London, dropping back to $1289 and $16.95 per ounce respectively as the White House confirmed new tariffs on an extra $50 billion of China's annual exports to...

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By Kurt Kallaus – A Bloomberg article recently joined the chorus of stock market naysayers with a specious claim that the current record optimism displayed by Small Business surveys signaled that a market correction was due. Panics can occur almost anytime...

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By Michael Shedlock – How many hikes can the Fed get in this year? The Fed estimate is two more. Mortgage rates rose on the news. Mortgage News Daily reports Mortgage Rates Higher Following Fed Forecasts.

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By Marc Chandler – It is like deja vu all over again. Yesterday, a hawkish Fed saw the dollar rally and then reverse lower. A hawkish ECB saw the euro make a new session high and then turned around and traded below yesterday's lows.

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By Andrew Zatlin – The market has been on a tear since Trump moved into the oval office. But is he good or bad for the market? His style is combative and divisive. This brings on volatility. The opposite of what investors want.

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By FS Staff – Though gold is up for the year, it still seems to be bumping up against resistance at the $1350 to $1380 level. This time on Financial Sense, we spoke with well-known mining geologist Dr. Keith Barron on gold, the gold mining industry, and his search...

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By Urban Carmel – Debt is a perennial worry. It's a natural human tendency is to think of debt as bad, that by incurring debt we are living beyond our means. But much of what you hear about debt in the US is hyperbole.

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By Oil Price – Saudi Arabia pumped over 100,000 bpd of crude oil more in May, with daily production reaching 10 million bpd, officials from the country’s oil industry said, as quoted by the Oil and Gas Journal, adding that plans...

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By Jill Mislinski – The latest issue of the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends came out this morning. The headline number for May came in at 107.8, up 3.0 from the previous month. The index is at the 100th percentile...