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I just saw this fascinating video of a bunch of metronomes that begin ticking out of sync with one another, but slowly line up until they all beat in unison.

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The FOMC surprised markets, economists, and almost everyone else who follows and whose decision processes are affected by what the Fed does. Markets had priced in a tapering, based upon both statements made by Chairman Bernanke immediately...

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World stock markets, foreign currencies and commodities extended yesterday's jump versus the US Dollar in Asia and London on Thursday morning, with gold regaining the $1370 level it leapt to after the Federal Reserve voted not to trim its quantitative easing program.

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Why is it that so many Americans seem to believe that government spending, fueled by debt or taxes, can drive economic growth and wealth creation?

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Investors better pick their municipal bonds carefully, because some major hits are on the way.

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With a few exceptions here and there, crises in government funding don't simply arrive on the doorstep unannounced. Their progress toward the eventual...

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In a recent opinion piece published on Reuters, Professor Charles Postel twists himself into extreme pretzel logic attempting to explain that elastic, manipulated paper money favours the ‘have nots’ whereas inelastic, gold-backed money favours the ‘haves’.

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In one sense, the Fed created an ice age for US interest rates by lowering the Fed Funds rate essentially to zero and by printing money to buy US Treasury and mortgage backed securities, putting further downward pressure on longer term interest rates.

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The price of gold fell hard Monday morning, retreating near Friday's 5-week lows after earlier spiking to $1336 per ounce in Asian hours despite wholesale dealers reporting lacklustre trade.

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What happens when deflation isn't allowed to completely take its course during the final stages of the 120-year cycle? We're about to find out! Plus an update on the gold market.