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By FS Staff – “AI is being viewed as the new electricity. It’s being applied to all industries. It’s the same thing with robotics, which is why robotics and AI should not be viewed under the lens as being a niche.” Even the largest tech companies in the world are banking...

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By Kurt Kallaus – Consumer and small business measures have been extremely optimistic all year which supports the bigger upside picture. Some pundits think the market is soaring based upon expectations for Trump stimulus plans and tax cuts. Our sense is...

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By Jill Mislinski – The latest Conference Board Leading Economic Index (LEI) for September decreased to 128.6 from 128.8 in August and saw its first decline in over a year, partially due to the impact of the hurricanes.

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By Adrian Ash – Gold price losses of 2.0% for the week so far were cut to 1.2% lunchtime Thursday in London, as world equities fell from new record highs and government bond yields rose against a backdrop of fresh...

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The Conversation – As odd as it sounds, China’s economic policy is being held hostage by its heavily skewed sex ratio. China’s excess of young, unmarriageable males poses an acute dilemma for President Xi Jinping and other...

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By Alex Barrow – John Curran was the former head of commodities at Caxton Associates — the hedge fund founded by market wizard Bruce Kovner. He wrote a great article in Barron’s titled The Coming Renaissance of Macro Investing.

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By FS Staff – Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist for the Leuthold Group, discusses his outlook on the US stock market and the economy with FS Insider. He is still bullish, citing 3 basic pillars holding up this bull market, but also explains why a tax cut at this point...

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By Stratfor – Before the ISF staged its operation, there had been rumors that the faction of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party led by the Talabani family proposed jointly governing Kirkuk province with Baghdad.

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By Matthew Kerkhoff – Sometimes stock market rallies can be so powerful that you just have to grab ahold of something sturdy and hang on. Every once in a while, the upward surge can be so strong that it feels as though...

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By Mises Institute – Gary Cohn, chief economic adviser to the President, voiced concern over the weekend about risk posed by Wall Street clearinghouses that became systemically important following the 2008 financial crisis.