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By Charles Hugh Smith – The problem with stagnant wages is our socioeconomic system requires ever-higher incomes to function. One of the enduring mysteries for conventional economists is why wages aren't rising for the bottom 95%...

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By Andrew Zatlin – One of the important aspects of the US economy is that recent business cycles have been longer. But also shallower. I believe that the internet is playing a big role in this “lower-for-longer” phenomenon.

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By ValueWalk – As the developed world struggles with sluggish economic growth, inflation, and almost nonexistent wage growth, the one country that has defied all expectations is Japan, as Postwar economic expansion numbers are...

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By Independent Institute – In 1990, Gilbert Hyatt was awarded the patent for the first single-chip microprocessor. The computer industry welcomed this invention, earning Hyatt a lot of money. He soon moved to Nevada, which has no state income tax.

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FS Staff – Currently, the CBLEI is growing at 3.9% year-over-year and has reliably forecasted every recession since 1965 by dipping into the red zone, i.e. contracting, 6.5 months on average beforehand. That said, we aren't in the red zone. Most of the leading...

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By David Kotok – Any time US Treasury balances are below $100 billion, don't pay the federal legislature or their staff. Will this solution become law? No. They will never vote to discipline themselves.

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By Jill Mislinski – With today's release of the June S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, we learned that seasonally adjusted home prices for the benchmark 20-city index were up 0.1% month over month. The seasonally adjusted

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By Matthew Kerkhoff – A few years ago, TINA was everywhere … she was the life of the party. Whenever people wondered why stocks kept rising, she’d show up and people would scream, TINA! But I haven’t heard anyone mention...

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By Marc Chandler – The US dollar's sell-off that began before the weekend continued yesterday and is accelerating today. North Korea's provocations have added to fuel to the fire that was already burning. Coming out of Jackson Hole the consensus scenario of ECB...

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By FS Staff – It's not just for nerds anymore. Institutional money is now becoming a big player in the bitcoin space. Here's one reason why: "Blockstream is leasing space on the global satellite network...and right now you can get access to bitcoin from satellite...