Final Conversations: Six Discussions With a Dying Loved One

In today’s Lifetime Income podcast, Financial Sense Newshour interviews Maureen Keeley, professor of interpersonal communication at Texas State University and the co-author of Final Conversations: Helping the Living and the Dying Talk to Each Other, on the six categories of communication that help bring peace to those in their final years.

Bio: Dr. Keeley is an applied communication researcher that focuses on the communication that occurs within close relationships in the midst of difficult situations. She utilizes theory to describe and explain the communication that focuses on health and/or relational challenges revealing the verbal and nonverbal messages that help people to gain meaning, grow, heal, and connect more fully with one another in the midst of strong emotions and life changes. The practical applications of her research make a real difference in people’s everyday lives. She is nationally recognized as one of the leading researchers on relational communication at the end of life. (Click here for full bio)

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