The Lifetime Income Series: You Gotta Know Where You’re Goin’ Before You Can Figure Out How to Get There

Special Guest - Dick Gregerson on the Importance of a Business Plan and a Succession Plan

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss the difficult environment many retirees face and how to create a plan for a secure retirement. They discuss the “new normal” of a low interest rate environment, which has followed bear markets in technology and housing. The result is many people don’t have the assets they thought they would have. In addition, many retirees have seen their incomes fall as the Fed has reduced interest rates for savers to zero. In this environment it is more important than ever to have a plan, and that plan should drive what you do with your investments. The guest this week is Dick Gregerson, President of Janas Associates and Janas Consulting. Dick discusses the importance of a business plan, a succession plan, and how to best prepare for the sale of your company.

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