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James J Puplava CFP

Oct 21 – Whether it’s increasing investor euphoria, concentrations of risk in passive index funds, or the divergence between monetary and fiscal policy, Jim Puplava outlines six major trends converging and the investment...


James J Puplava CFP

Oct 14 – In today’s Big Picture podcast, Financial Sense Newshour discusses the possibility of a further meltup in the stock market and how these often precede a meltdown. Then, in the second half, we take a look at “The Disruptors”: companies driving technological change...


James J Puplava CFP

Oct 7 – It seems like the financial crisis is a distant memory. Most investors think things are OK and actually feeling pretty good as the stock market continues to hit new highs. In today’s Big Picture, Jim Puplava and John Loeffler...


James J Puplava CFP

Sep 30 – Tax cuts and capital repatriation will have a meaningful impact on corporate profits and, thus, how much longer the bull market will last. In today’s Big Picture podcast, Jim Puplava and John Loeffler examine the latest...


James J Puplava CFP

Sep 23 – The big talk this week (and for the weeks to come) is on the Fed’s plan to reduce its balance sheet. How will this impact the economy and the markets? That’s the discussion of our first part of today’s Big Picture...


James J Puplava CFP

Sep 16 – The economy is in the 9th year of recovery, which makes it the third longest economic recovery on record. Also, valuations are currently the second highest level in history. In today’s Big Picture podcast, we ask if...


James J Puplava CFP

Sep 9 – In today’s Big Picture podcast, Jim Puplava looks at the storms that are gathering and what this could mean for the markets. In the second part of our program, we reiterate the importance of disaster preparedness following...


Richard Sylla

Sep 2 – Richard Sylla, author of the authoritative and widely-cited book, “A History of Interest Rates,” explains how money and banking have changed over the past 4000 years, from as far back as the ancient empire of Babylon to today.

Kip Anderson

Sep 2 – What the Health is probably one of the most controversial documentaries released this year, exposing, as they write, “the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars...


Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall

Aug 26 – Financial Sense Newshour welcomes Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall, author of the latest outstanding read, Good Stocks Cheap, where he provides step-by-step guidance for creating "your own value investing success story."