The Lifetime Income Series: Retirement−How Do You Stack Up Against the National Averages?

Also on The Lifetime Income Series: “Having A Plan B” and Erik Townsend on the new Cold War between China and the US

In this week’s Lifetime Income Series, Jim looks at two new surveys on retirement and discusses national averages. He also looks at "Having a Plan B" regarding how to prepare in the event all the new proposed taxes, and expiration of the Bush tax cuts, take affect on January 1st, 2013. Lastly, Jim speaks with FSN Foreign Correspondent Erik Townsend regarding the new "Cold War" between China and the US.

Erik Townsend is a Private Investor based in Hong Kong. He was a successful American technologist and entrepreneur in the 1990s technology boom, and retired from the software industry in 1998 after selling a company that he founded in 1991. After a short hiatus to pursue personal interests, he re-invented himself as a full-time private investor with a macroeconomic investing strategy.

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