Louise Yamada CMT on the Dow/Gold Ratio

Also, John Kaiser examines gold and silver cycles since 1970.

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Louise Yamada CMT provides insights on the Dow/Gold ratio from 1979 to present as well as Japan Nikkei 225 monthly activity since 1989. John Kaiser provides the Financial Sense Newshour with global gdp and military spending and the boom and bust bubbles of gold and silver since 1970.

Dow / Gold Ratio (1979 to Present)
dow gold ratio 1979 to present
Source: Bloomberg and LY Advisors

Japan - Nikkei 225 (Monthly) (1989 to Present)
japan nikkei 225 1989 to present
Data Source: Bloomberg

Kaiser Relative GDP

Kaiser Gold GDP Ratio

Kaiser Gold Bubble Bear

Kaiser Silver Bubble Bear

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