Ross Hansen: Germany Likely to Leave the Euro and Go to Gold-Backed Deutsche Mark

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Ross Hansen

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Jim welcomes Ross Hansen, Founder of Northwest Territorial Mint, now America’s largest private mint. Jim and Ross cover a variety of topics, including Ross’ belief that Germany will ultimately opt out of the Euro and go to a gold-back Deutsche Mark. Ross also sees the US on an unsustainable financial path, eventually leading to a dollar collapse. Ross notes that when the music finally stops, you will want to own precious metals.

Ross Hansen has over 30 years experience as a minting expert and bullion dealer. Ross began his career in precious metals in 1981 with the founding of Auburn Precious Metals. Soon after, he began striking silver bullion under the Northwest Territorial Mint brand. Ross quickly grew the company to staff almost 200 employees and earned a reputation for producing minted items of the highest quality. In the summer of 2009, Northwest Territorial Mint and Ross Hansen took stewardship of the legendary Medallic Art Company. Now America’s largest private mint, Northwest Territorial Mint serves institutions, corporations, and individuals around the world.

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