Joseph Saluzzi on Trading with Machines – The Changing Nature of Financial Markets

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Cris Sheridan welcomes Joseph Saluzzi, author of Broken Markets and Co-Founder of Themis Trading LLC. Joe and Cris discuss the changing nature of financial markets, in which Joe is now trading with a machine for more than half his institutional trades. Joe also covers the increasingly fragmented market environment that now includes eleven stock exchanges and more than forty “dark pools”. Joe has been called a “buggy whip manufacturer” for speaking out against high frequency trading. Joe advocates technology and the evolution of trading, but stresses the need for fundamental structural changes to protect the investing public. They also discuss the global expansion of high frequency trading to other countries, and to other financial asset classes as well. Lastly, Joe addresses the issue of lax and ineffective regulatory oversight of high frequency trading. For full access to the interview, please login and click the MP3 button or click here to subscribe. Questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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