The Lifetime Income Series: Making a Move Make Money

Special Guest: Carolyn Rosenblatt on Loss of Financial Capacity

In a special reprise edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim and Cathlyn discuss how where you live can have a great impact on your retirement. Jim looks at selecting an appropriate state in which to retire, taking into account the cost of housing, the cost of living, access to healthcare, weather, and of course taxes, be they income, sales, property or estate. There is also the consideration of living close to the kids and grandkids, although they may not stay put either. Jim stresses the importance of making plans on where to live before retirement, instead of figuring it out once in retirement, and he illustrates these issues through the case study of Michael and Brooke Bullock. The guest this week is Carolyn Rosenblatt, who discusses the loss of financial capacity and how judgment about finances erodes very early in the process of developing dementia. As a registered nurse and attorney, Carolyn has worked extensively in geriatric caregiving as well as legal problems of aging. Together with her husband, geriatric psychologist Dr. Mikol Davis, she founded, a resource for families.

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