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Lifetime Income Series: Your Retirement: Regrets, Caution & Opportunity

In a special holiday reprise edition of the Lifetime Income Series, Jim and John combine a number of recent retirement topics, and share the stories of what many retirees have said about their own retirement experience. Hopefully this program will offer you some insight from the experience of others and help you avoid the common pitfalls that trap so many retirees. Jim draws on the extensive data from a recent retirement survey done by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. They cover a number of retiree’s biggest regrets, including retiring too early, underestimating the cost of living in retirement, and the difficulty of gaining reentry into the workforce. They also summarize some of these issues into a case study that offers some potential solutions. The guest this week is Frank Iszak, founder of Silver Age Yoga. In 2003, Frank and Serpil Iszak recognized a need for a different type of yoga that would meet the special health needs of seniors, and a new style of yoga was born. UCSD’s Stein Institute for Research on Aging has supported the Iszak’s approach to senior yoga through research showing the positive benefits to seniors. Their program offers seniors access to free or low cost yoga instruction by Silver Age-certified instructors. This program was originally broadcast in October.

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