Financial Sense Newshour Polls


Raising the Federal Debt Limit

Good or Bad Idea?


In your opinion do you feel raising the federal debt limit is a good or bad idea?


financial sense newshour poll retirement

Given government budget problems, a struggling economy, a growing percentage of retirees versus workers, and retirement portfolios that are still recovering from 2008: does retirement have a future? Or is it a passe 20th-century concept?



Many investors are fleeing to Treasury bonds in this time of uncertainty and volatility. Do you see US government debt as a safe haven or a risky choice?



Greece may be on the verge of defaulting on its debt. FS Newshour asks you: Will it?



In your opinion is Quantitative Easing (QE) over or just beginning as a lasting force in the economy.


Gasoline Rationing

Is it in our future?

gasoline rationing ahead?

Peak Oil is beginning to affect the world in our everyday life. Global demand, Middle East strife and other causes have impacted the price of crude oil in recent times. FSN proposes the bold question: Do you think gasoline rationing is in our future?


A Gold-backed US dollar

Pipe dream or inevitable?

A Gold-backed US dollar: Pipe dream or inevitable?

There's been much discussion about a gold-backed US dollar in recent times. Do you feel it's a pipe dream or inevitable?


VAT- Is there a “value added” tax coming to the US?

Is there a possibility of a "value added" tax in the United States future? Cast your vote today!


Is there a Future for the Middle Class?

Financial Sense Newshour would like to know what you think of the future of the Middle Class in the years to come.


The End of QE 2- What’s next?

The end of QE2 is near. What will happen after June? Weigh in your vote.