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Kathy Fettke

Aug 7 – Jim welcomes Kathy Fettke, CEO, and Founder of Real Wealth Network. Based in Walnut Creek CA, it is an organization dedicated to helping its members get the most current and cutting edge education and information they need to...

Adam LeBor

Aug 6 – Jim welcomes journalist Adam LeBor, author of “Tower of Basel”, a very unauthorized history of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. For many decades, it has stood at the center of a global network of money...

Attorney Elizabeth McCoy

This week on the Lifetime Income Series, Jim and John talk about the importance of a retirement plan from the perspective of choosing a financial planner or investment advisor. They begin by discussing what you need to know and what you need to ask in choosing a professional to help you.

Joseph Saluzzi

Aug 2 – Jim welcomes back Joseph Saluzzi, Co-Founder of Themis Trading LLC. Joe begins by describing what High-Frequency Trading is, and why it is important to be located as close as possible to the stock exchange servers. Joe sees high...

Gregory T Weldon

Aug 1 – Jim welcomes back Gregory Weldon, president & CEO of Weldon Financial. Greg does not believe we have seen the end of the Commodity Supercycle, but merely a large correction, which he believes is finished. Greg also mentions that...

Ned Schmidt

Jul 31 – Jim welcomes back Ned Schmidt CFA, publisher of The Value View Gold & The Agri-Food Value View Reports. Ned is as bullish as he has been in years on gold, and believes the worst of the selling is over. He does see changes in...

Ash Kumra

Jul 30 – Jim welcomes entrepreneur Ash Kumra of Ash discusses the dramatic effect of social media in business and particularly in recent IPOs such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Ash and Jim also discuss “crowd funding”, and how...

Ruben Garcia

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss the benefits of simplifying the setup of assets, as well as the estate plan itself, to help make things easier on your heirs. They also discuss the importance of having someone, besides the “money person” in the family, with a full picture of the financial situation; where all the pieces are, and how to access them. It could be a family member, a trusted friend, a CPA or attorney. The guest this week is Ruben Garcia, a local District Director of the US Small Business Administration. He will discuss the topic of starting a small business while in retirement.


Ryan Puplava CMT shares three technical charts showing current levels of margin debt.

Jean-Marie Eveillard

Jul 26 – Jim is pleased to welcome Jean-Marie Eveillard, Senior Adviser at First Eagle Funds in New York City. In a wide-ranging discussion on gold and the economy, Jean-Marie explains that there are unintended consequences to a prolonged...

Jeffrey D Saut

Jul 25 – Jim welcomes back Jeffrey Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James Financial Inc. Jeff has been constructive on equities up until very recently. He now sees the market as overbought and is currently raising cash.

Robert Quartermain

Jul 24 – Jim welcomes Robert Quartermain, President, CEO, and Director of Pretium Resources. As a veteran of 35 years in the mining industry, Bob understands the business and what it takes to survive. In these difficult times for the industry, Bob stresses....

David Morgan

Jul 23 – Jim welcomes back David Morgan of the Stone Investment Group and The Morgan Report. David and Jim cover the precious metals markets, particularly silver. David notes that on balance investors are still holding their silver...

Attorney Louis A. Mezzullo

This week Jim and Cathlyn look at employment in retirement, a growing trend among Baby Boomers. Retirement is a new phase of life, and it may look different than we had imagined. Many will be retiring from a career, but finding other ways of making money to support, or enhance their lifestyles. Jim discusses the topics of why one would work in retirement as well as ways to handle budget shortfalls through working part time. Working past your normal retirement age doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. It can be a time of exciting opportunities. The guest this week is attorney Louis Mezzullo, who will discuss family limited partnerships, which can be a good structure for people who own businesses. 


The recent rise in interest rates has had an effect on traditional market indicators such as the NY Advance-Decline Line or NY 52-week New Highs and Lows (particularly Lows) as compared to Lowry's Operating Companies Only indicators that include only U.S. common stocks.

Ronald Stoeferle

Jul 19 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Ronald Stoeferle CMT, Managing Director at Incrementum AG in Liechtenstein. He continues to write the annual “In Gold We Trust” as a senior advisor to Erste Group in Austria. Ronald believes we have...

Jeffrey M Christian

Jul 18 – Jim welcomes back Jeffrey Christian, Founder of the CPM Group in New York. As the price has fallen, Jeff sees gold sales slowing as many gold investors are either on hold or liquidating. He notes that GLD gold that is sold is...

Sean Boyd CA

Jul 17 – Jim welcomes Sean Boyd, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. in Toronto. Sean discusses the carnage in the mining industry and acknowledges it will take the time to heal. He notes during...

Frank Holmes

Jul 16 – Jim welcomes back Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer of US Global Investors. Frank discusses how there are times when prices and fundamentals disconnect in the markets, and this is one of those times for gold.

Jim Puplava

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss the retirement planning “Countdown”. They go over specific tips and strategies when you are ten years from retirement, five years out and finally just two to three years out. By following this plan, investors will also be better aware of what is going on in the markets and the economy as they get closer to retirement, and make adjustments as necessary. The guest this week is Christopher Elliott of National Geographic Traveler Magazine who will share some travel cost tips. He also wrote a travel book titled: “How to Be the World’s Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Money and Hassle)”.