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Dr Wade Pfau

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss how many taxpayers, particularly in California, are getting nasty surprises heading into tax season with retroactive 2012 tax increases and higher estimated Federal taxes for 2013. They discuss tools to reduce taxable income, and the investment and taxation implications of dividend-paying stocks, retirement plans and trusts.


Louise Yamada CMT provides insights on the Dow/Gold ratio from 1979 to present as well as Japan Nikkei 225 monthly activity since 1989. John Kaiser provides the Financial Sense Newshour with global gdp and military spending and the boom and bust bubbles of gold and silver since 1970.

Steve Hanke

Apr 5 – Jim welcomes Professor Steve Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Professor Hanke is also a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. Jim and Professor Hanke discuss his...

Ned Schmidt

Apr 4 – Jim welcomes back Ned Schmidt CFA, Publisher of The Value View Gold & The Agri-Food Value View Reports. Ned discusses the top performing commodities in 2013: oats, cotton, eggs, and butter. He notes that the global...

Axel Merk

Apr 3 – Jim welcomes back Axel Merk, founder and portfolio manager at Merk Investments LLC. This week Axel discusses some of the downside of currency wars, including a loss of competitiveness in domestic economies, growing social unrest...

Don Coxe

Apr 2 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Don Coxe, Chairman at Coxe Advisors LLP. Don sees an emerging shale oil and natural gas boom in the US, which will make it a cheaper place to do business. He sees American ingenuity overcoming...

Roberta Robinson

In this week’s edition, Jim and Cathlyn discuss the reasons to formulate retirement and estate plans early, and why this can be very beneficial later on in retirement. They look at a case study and offer specific solutions for creating a more successful retirement.


Major price and RS reversal in natural gas. Also, Erik Townsend touches upon consolidation patterns impacting the gold price.

Doug Short

Mar 29 – Jim welcomes Doug Short, VP of Research at Advisor Perspectives. Doug sees the US markets as having room to grow and is above the trend. He also discusses the Alternate CPI statistics, which Doug believes does not add up...

Jeffrey D Saut

Mar 28 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Jeffrey Saut, Managing Director of Research at Raymond James Financial. Jeff believes we have started a new secular bull market, but calls the stock market advance the “most hated rally in half a century”.

Puru Saxena

Mar 27 – Jim welcomes Puru Saxena, Editor, and Founder of Money Matters and Puru Saxena Limited in Hong Kong. Puru believes that the Chinese real estate bubble is on the verge of a major bust, which will not bode well for China, or Asia.

Jeffrey Brown

Mar 26 – Jim welcomes Jeffrey Brown, Independent Petroleum Geologist, creator of the Export Land Model, and ASPO-USA Board Member. Jeffrey explains his Export Land Model and reviews the major trends regarding the availability...

Ben Kwon

This week Jim and Cathlyn discuss Doomsday portfolios, mostly cash and gold, and suggest that investors look at potential outcomes and consider diversifying their assets. They discuss historical disasters and note what worked best, and also look at what would likely happen in a dollar crash.


These 2 graphs are to illustrate that a healthy primary uptrend in US equities remains in place, despite the potential for a correction...

Doug Noland

Mar 22 – Jim welcomes back Douglas Noland, Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors Inc. Doug sees the global government finance bubble as the next crisis epicenter. He believes the US has exported the finance bubble and today...

Pamela Popper PhD ND

Mar 21 – Jim welcomes Pamela Popper Ph.D., N.D. who appeared in the recent film “Forks Over Knives” and is one of the co-authors of the companion book, which reached the New York Times bestseller list. Despite the most advanced...

William K Black PhD

Mar 20 – Jim welcomes William Black Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Law at University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Professor Black sees an increasing trend of crony capitalism in world markets. He sees two primary reasons for the mess...

Bill Powers

Mar 19 – Jim welcomes energy expert Bill Powers back to the program. Bill notes that energy stocks are now getting a bid, and he and Jim discuss the significance of Freeport-McMoRan is getting back into the oil business.

Dr Judith Fradkin

In this week’s edition, Jim and Cathlyn discuss the important but difficult topic of preparing and protecting a spouse if you were to die first. They discuss the importance of consolidating estate and financial documents, reviewing financial plans, looking at the possibility of using a corporate trustee.

Patrick L Abbott

Mar 15 – Jim welcomes back Dr. Patrick Abbott, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geological Sciences at San Diego State University. Dr. Abbott is an expert on earthquakes and is a veteran of many media appearances in California after...