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Joseph Saluzzi on High Frequency Trading- The SEC is Outmatched Against Wall Street Firms

Feb 28 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Joseph Saluzzi, Co-Founder of Themis Trading LLC. As a vocal critic of the current High-Frequency Trading structure, Joe discusses how the regulators are totally outmatched by the highly complex HFT...

Greg Weldon: Currency Wars and the Breakdown of Gold

Feb 27 – Jim welcomes back Greg Weldon, Founder, and CEO of Weldon Financial. Greg and Jim discuss a variety of topics, starting with currency wars and gold’s recent breakdown. Greg says there’s a global perception that things are improving...

Gail Tverberg: Our Energy Investment Sinkhole Problem

Feb 26 – Jim welcomes back Gail Tverberg to speak on energy, and they discuss her views on limits to oil supply limiting long-term economic growth. Gail believes the key issue is that global oil supply is not rising very quickly...

The Lifetime Income Series: “Brainless Is Painless” – Efficient Retirement Investing

Special Guest: Joel Mee on the Logistics of 401-K Plans

In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series , Jim and Cathlyn discuss employer-sponsored retirement plans. They look at tax efficiency, investment efficiency and the benefits of automatic “brainless is painless” contributions. They also discuss investments available in a 401-K plan. Jim’s special guest is Joel Mee, Director of Retirement Plan Sales Operations at The Standard. Joel looks at the logistics involved in 401-K plans.

Michael Kantrowitz of Wolfe Trahan: Rising Inflation in Second Half of 2013

Feb 22 – Jim welcomes back Michael Kantrowitz CFA, Director, Portfolio Strategy & Quantitative Research at Wolfe Trahan in New York. Michael sees the inflationary set-up as the big difference between 2012 and 2013. He expects record high...

Kurt Wulff: A Long-Term Growth Story in Natural Gas

Feb 21 – Jim welcomes back Kurt Wulff CFA, Independent Energy Analyst at McDep LLC. Kurt discusses how Canadian energy stocks are at attractive valuations currently. Kurt and Jim also discuss the “war” between rail and pipelines in...

Daniel Amerman: The False Dichotomy of Mainstream Versus Gloom & Doomers

Feb 20 – Jim welcomes Daniel Amerman CFA. Daniel discusses what he terms a false dichotomy between those in the “Mainstream” camp, and “Gloom and Doomers”. He sees a future investing reality where neither the old economy will repeat itself...

The Lifetime Income Series: Reverse Mortgages: The Retirement Plan of Last Resort

Special Guest: Reza Jahangiri, Senior Publisher at The Reverse Review

In this week’s edition of The Lifetime Income Series, Jim looks at the issue of reverse mortgages. Jim and Cathlyn discuss the reasons why reverse mortgages come into play, and the unfortunate realities for those who don’t save enough.

Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: Fiscal Tsunami About to Hit the US; Deficits Will Explode

Feb 15 – Jim welcomes Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University. Professor Kotlikoff notes that 10,000 citizens a day are joining Social Security and Medicare. He believes deficits will explode as a majority of politicians...

John Doody: Gold Stocks Undervalued Versus Bullion By 30%

Feb 14 – Jim welcomes John Doody Ph.D., Editor of The Gold Stock Analyst. This week John discusses the gold ETF’s and their impact on gold stocks. John notes that many gold companies are more shareholder-friendly today, and stressing...

Martin Armstrong: Japan is the Next Currency Trouble Spot - US Will Be Last to Crack

Feb 13 – Jim welcomes back Martin Armstrong of ArmstrongEconomics.com. On the topic of a dollar collapse, Martin doesn’t see it happening, as there are no strong alternatives to the dollar. He sees Japan as the next currency trouble spot...

Ned Schmidt: Bizarre Weather Patterns Playing Havoc With Ag Sector Harvest

Feb 12 – Jim welcomes back Ned Schmidt CFA, Publisher of The Value View Gold & The Agri-Food Value View Reports. Ned discusses the random weather patterns this year and their effects on the agriculture sector. He notes Brazil and...

The Lifetime Income Series: Issues of Incapacity and Dementia – How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Special Guest: Dr. Gary Small on the Prevention of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

This week on The Lifetime Income Series, Jim looks at the issue of Incapacity, and discusses ways to financially prepare for it and protect yourself against it. Jim’s special guest is Dr. Gary Small, Director of the UCLA Longevity Center, who discusses prevention of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

James Dines: The New Economic Order; Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism

Feb 8 – Jim is pleased to welcome back James Dines, Editor & Publisher of The Dines Letter. Jim and Mr. Dines discuss a wide range of topics, including a coming new social order, the coming age of robots, debt deleveraging, the pension funding...

Jeff Rubin: How to Adapt to a World of Slow (or No) Growth

Feb 7 – Jim is pleased to welcome economist Jeff Rubin and author of “Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller”. Jeff discusses lower economic growth as the “New Normal”, along with high energy prices.

John Williams: The Reasons Why I Believe Hyperinflation is Inevitable

Feb 6 – Jim welcomes back John Williams from Shadow Government Statistics. John lays out his reasons why he believes hyperinflation is inevitable and notes the clock is ticking. John believes the trigger point for a hyperinflationary...

Nick Barisheff: How Much Gold Should You Own in Your Portfolio?

Feb 5 – Jim welcomes back Nick Barisheff, CEO for Bullion Management Group Inc. Nick looks at the issue of how much gold should be in one’s overall portfolio, as well as the role of gold as a hedge. Nick also discusses why diversification...

The Lifetime Income Series: Getting All “Trust” Up - Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late, and Left to Fate (or Probate)

Special Guest - Jeff Isaac: The Lawyer in Blue Jeans

This week on the Lifetime Income Series, Jim and Cathlyn Harris discuss the many reasons why setting up a trust is a critical element in estate planning, and offer a number of scenarios of what could go wrong in the absense of a trust.

Evelyn Browning Garriss: The “New Normal” in Weather

Feb 1 – Jim welcomes back Evelyn Browning Garriss, Editor of the Browning Newsletter. Evelyn sees a new normal in the Pacific Ocean, with cooling on the North America side and warming on the Asian side. She expects average rainfall in...

Rick Santelli: Why We Don’t Have A Government Budget—That Requires Logic And Discipline

Jan 31 – Jim is pleased to welcome back Rick Santelli, On-Air Editor at CNBC. As usual, Rick is pulling no punches with his refreshingly honest and informed perspective. Rick discusses why the Senate hasn’t passed a budget since April 2009.

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